How to Build Good Quality Backlinks?

Google is important partner for bloggers around the globe. Updates comes out from this search engine giant are being awaited by many bloggers to ensure they apply a good conduct on their blogging businesses.

If bloggers want to exist on the search result page thus they all need to catch the update on how to build good quality backlinks in term of Google guideline.

Why You Need to Know About Good Quality Backlinks?

As you may know several big sites got hit by Google algorithm updates. The latest two are MyBlogGuest and PostJoint. Due to this situation, SEO observers consider the importance of link building to improve the search engine rank.

The man behind the search engine works, Matt Cutt has published the explanation on the video titled “Will Backlinks Lose Their Importance in Rankings?”.

From the video we can understand that backlink still matter at least for now. For the long term, it will be less important.

The development of Google algorithm shows that it focuses on the reputation of the webpage specifically. Bounce rate will affect web reputation where it indicates the value of the information given by a website. Search engine will deem a website with low bounce rate has met people needs. In contrary, whether Google admit it or not, backlink is still important factor for the search engine to value a website.

The Role of Google Authorship

Based on the video from Matt Cutt above, we can see where Matt wants online entrepreneur to go right now, can’t you? It’s improve the significance of Google Authorship in the near future.

Google authorship enables writers or content makers to link content to their Google profile. This feature will provide some short of description in the search result and improve rank and credibility. This feature gives more value to a webpage create by the expert. Reputation is one important factor in the future of SEO. A post or content that is published by reputable website will remain on higher rank than other website with less reputation.

Social media today explained that Google Authorship can increase the chance to webpage being indexed fast through personality send to the web crawlers. Google authorship will ensure the original content will remain on top of search result pages.

How to Build Good Quality Backlinks?

Google concern seriously on quality contents and backlinks can add more value to the content itself. As bloggers we have to be selective in building backlinks. All backlinks created should not threaten Google algorithm. If you like to build a good quality backlinks make sure your backlink building strategies avoid such schemes as follows:

  • Random Link Exchanges
  • Paid Links (debatable)
  • Guest Blogging Services (debatable)
  • Link Building Tools (debatable)

*debatable means the scheme may not harm Google algorithm if perform properly although some bloggers reluctant to do so.

The golden era of backlinks is not about to end in the near future. In order to maintain your website’s health, it is wise to comply with Google guideline’s updates to build good quality backlinks that is safe in term of Google point of view.


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