4 Tips to Create Interesting Facebook Status Update

Facebook is one social media that can give you unlimited source of website traffic. The key to get all thetraffic your website needs from facebook start from the art of writing facebook status. It is the spot where facebook users can interact each other from the beginning they are logging in to their facebook account.

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Interesting facebook status can stole many facebook users attention that is result in many ways namely click on the link provided within, addition of like on the facebook status, follow up relationships, and more. Making a facebook status is easy, you just need to type the keyboard and click update but to make your facebook status interesting, it’s another story. Here are the tips to make interesting facebook status update.

Keep It Short, Simple and to the point

Facebook status update which consist of few words have better chance to attract people attention. This kind of status can also trigger more likes, shares or comment in it.

Scheduled Facebook Status Update

A consistent manner in updating facebook status can help you build loyal followers or fanbase. People like fresh and new information but not too much. Make sure you give readers enough time to consume information you shared from facebook status before you shared another one.

Decide the Time to Make Status Update

Know when most of your friends likes or shares your status and keep that time as your best time to make status update. Facebook notification can help you out to know when you facebook status update get likes.

You can easily find whether someone like your status 3 hours ago, 6 hours or even two days ago at certain time a.m or p.m.

Put Relevant News on the Update

If you always put relevant news on your status update people will notice it right away. People like to know what others think on one event. It’s so human nature to know “who has the same opinion with me” and “who has not”.

Making relevant news as update status can ease your way to find like-minded people on facebook. This way you can build beneficial network as you go along spending times on facebook.

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That’s all the 4 tips to create interesting facebook status update. I know there must be more tips on this subject because many of you are facebook users for long time. Share us your tips to create interesting status updates on facebook through comments below.


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