When Writer’s Block Coming to You


I am completely empty of idea, no inspirations at all, my blog is endanger” … the writer’s block coming at me!

Have you ever feel that way? Stuck, with no clue on what you should write for your next blog post?

Well, I am in that situation this week, I am suddenly don’t know what to write anymore because I want to make something different, something that no one else write about it, and something that completely new.

If you ever feel the same way, then you should read this post 🙂

So what exactly I do to overcome my writer’s block?

Overcome Writer’s Block : Know Your Weakness

As I stated before, I just realize why writer’s block come at me. Here is why :

  1. I push myself too hard. I want to create something great (different and completely new);
  2. I don’t realize my own weakness. I am a part-time blogger, and I am exhausted with my 9-5 habits.

After knowing those reasons on why I am having a writer’s block, now I feel a little bit easier to handle my situation. When you have reached this stage, that mean you are ready to the next step of making more blog post.

Overcome Writer’s Block? You Can Beat it, Trust Yourself!

The first thing come up on my head is go for Google Search. Just type “ how to overcome writer’s block”.

I found the two top articles about writer’s block:

  1. How To Overcome Writer’s Block – 15 Tips
  2. Top 10 Tips for Overcoming Writer’s Block

Then, I am reading those two articles as my inspirations and I suddenly realizing that this is not a new thing. Adam Singer from the futurebuzz (the first article) have written about writer’s block in 2008.

So, writer’s block is a pre-historic problem for a writer. As a blogger, I am writer too, right? Even though writer’s block is not a new problem but I am sure every blogger will have this moment ( at least I learned from my own situation).

What Can You Do to Overcome Writer’s Block?

  1. Look for someone else experience’s on writer’s block;
  2. Look at what tips of writer’s block solution that work best on you.

Reading how other bloggers facing writer’s block is great ways to develop more strength inside you to overcome writer’s block. You will feel that you are not alone, then you will believe if someone else can master writer’s block why can’t you?

Overcome Writer’s Block : Know What Work Best on You

Having believe that you can do it, then how you overcome your writer’s block is essential …. you will have more confidence in the future after you pass through it. So, let me share the step by step writer’s block tips that work best on me :

  1. Make your problem as your story for the next post;
  2. Find how someone else overcome that problem. I believe you are not the only one who have that problem, just check on search engine;
  3. Take a break, must be you are exhausted after working so hard;
  4. Take a look at your article data base (there must be new idea after you read it again);
  5. If you don’t have any article data base, then do blog walking (or blog commenting) to search inspirations;
  6. Write whatever your idea is;
  7. Don’t worry too much, chill out, and keep writing.

The most common problem of writer’s block is it never come only one times, it may come several times during your blogging experience’s. If this happen to you then you can skip step number 1 and 2 above and start from number 3 until 7.

*Image source : http://www.alopecianmuse.com/lifestyle/i-lost-my-groove/
That’s my story to overcome writer’s block, what’s yours? I would be more than happy to hear your experience’s, please leave some comments below.


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