Top 5 Mistakes When Choosing Web Hosting

Mistakes When Choosing Web Hosting, What are They?

Choosing excellent web hosting is one of the most important aspects of launching any website. Unfortunately, it is an aspect that many people do not actually think about too much, because they are too caught up in having an excellent design and getting enough content and calls to action on their pages. However, not having exceptional web hosting can cause problems for any website. Here are the top five mistakes regularly made, and that you need to avoid, when choosing web hosting.

Buying Based on Cost

Most people are hardwired into making purchase decisions based on cost. There is nothing wrong with that; it is just the way we are. Some people believe that paying expensive fees always means high quality, while some think there cannot possibly be too much difference between expensive and cheap hosting, so go for the option that has the lowest price ticket attached.

The truth is that you only know that cheap web hosting is going to be bad, while there are no guarantees that expensive services are going to be better. The lesson is that having price be your god is never a good idea; look far beyond the price.

Falling for ‘Unlimited’ Deals

Unlimited disk space, unlimited bandwidth, we have seen every offer there is when it comes to web hosting. However, these deals are usually a front for something. You might have unlimited bandwidth, but it is probably advertised in such a way that you think it is included in your price plan. It will often be the case that a certain amount of bandwidth is included, but there are then hidden costs that come on top of this when you exceed your limits, which you probably do not know to begin with.

If there is a vague unlimited deal available, chances are you will end up paying for it in some other way.

Poor CMS Integration

Even if you are not currently using a popular content management system (CMS) like WordPress or Joomla, the chances are that you will discover one at some stage and decide it is easier than your regular hosting control panel. What you don’t want to do is be signed up with a host that doesn’t allow you, or makes it difficult, to integrate a CMS account into your hosting.

Most of them do support the big blogging platforms, but be sure to check before getting locked into a long term deal.

Not Knowing What You Want

The mistakes aren’t all on the web hosting companies; you are just as responsible! A massive mistake is to go looking for web hosting when you have no idea what it is you need. People end up spending fortunes on hosting that they didn’t need, which leaves them unable to invest correctly in other areas of their business. If you only need VPS hosting, only buy VPS hosting!

Not Checking Customer Support

So the hosting company website promises 24/7/365 support via phone, email, or live chat. Have you actually put this to the test? It is easy to be sold promises like this, but the truth is we often have no idea what customer service is like until we have signed up. Do your own checks before parting with any money. Bear in mind, too, that some companies will have separate sales and support lines, and will be quick to pick up the phone when you want to buy, but not so much when things go wrong. Make sure you check the right number and find out the reality!

Any Other Mistakes When Choosing Web Hosting?

Avoiding these mistakes will allow you to have a great hosting experience and create a user-friendly website; make sure you do not fall into any traps!

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This guest post is by Dennis

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Dennis has used JaguarPC hosting for many years now, having previously lost large sales volumes owing to the promises made and ultimately broken by his previous hosting company. Dennis lives in New York with his wife.


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