Importance of Fast Internet Speed in Making Your Blog Viral

Fast Internet SpeedThis guest post is by Cristina Beltran

If you’re in the blogging game, then your focus should be going viral. Reaching the most number of people in a short amount of time is your top priority if you want to compete with all the other blogging titans the Internet over. Of course, there are several ways wherein you can go viral, like having great content and promoting your blog all throughout social media, but, if you don’t have a fast enough broadband Internet connection, then all of that may be for naught.

Many people neglect the importance having a fast connection, which is a little weird considering that, as bloggers, the Internet is where we conduct our business. A faster, more effective platform for connecting to that world stage is obviously an advantage. To further drive this point, here are a few specific reasons as to why having a fast Internet connection would be a key tool in making your blog viral:

Faster Uploads

In real life, it’s not how who does it first, but it’s who does it better. However, in the Internet, who manages to get online first leaves a distinct impression, especially in a medium wherein stealing or copying ideas (intentionally or unintentionally) is prolific. Having a fast Internet connection means you can upload your work faster, be it a blogpost, a video or a sound recording. Remember, the Internet is one place where being first actually matters, and having a steady and fast broadband connection almost always ensures you post your stuff as soon as you can possibly create it. That advantage of having the ability to upload faster is that you can also promote your blog faster. This is perhaps the biggest contribution a fast Internet connection can provide your aim of going viral. By having the ability to reach more people, and more social network sites and other blogs, faster, getting your work out there is quicker and the responses are swifter.

More Efficient Browsing

The Internet is a proverbial bottomless pit of information, with something new coming out time and again. It’s crucial to always keep up with every new thing that comes out. A faster Internet connection makes it possible for you to never miss out on the latest trends that may influence your own work, either positively or negatively. The world of online media is fast and ever changing, and being left behind can also be the death knell to your hopes of ever having a viral blog.

Faster and Better Streaming and Downloads

With the same logic discussed about the importance of being able to browse many websites quickly, it goes double for downloading and streaming. It’s a matter of looking at the Internet the right way; more than just a tool for entertainment, amusement and the occasional bit of information. It’s seeing the Internet for what it is: an indispensable resource that has all the tools and information you might need to be a better and more successful blogger. By enabling yourself with the ability to stream videos, music or whatever faster and of higher quality, or download important files in a more expedient manner, you can turn the entire Internet into a multimedia tool that serves to benefit your aim of going viral.

To fully understand the importance of a quick Internet connection to your objective of making your blog viral, you just need to look at your predecessors. Of all the things online that went viral, almost half of the reason why they went viral is because of other people talking about these things online, as well as parodying them in some cases. (Count how many Call Me Maybes and Gangnam Style spoofs are out there. It will blow your mind.) Going viral on the Internet is a lot like boxing. You’re going to have to go in there, and with your content, you’re going to have to hit them hard, hit them fast, and on certain occasions, hit them often. The latter two you can only do with a fast and reliable broadband Internet speed and connection.

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