How to Get 1000 Unique Visitors per Day

How to Get 1000 Unique Visitors per Day? Ever got such question?

This post may be not going to offer you instant result. I reached it after having so many trial and error until I finally succeed to repeat the result. To get 1000 unique visitors per day many traditional methods include such as social media traffic, build baclink, blog commenting, and so on.

How Can You Get Your Own 1000 Unique Visitors per Day?

Create a Habit

The first thing to be remembered here was that we should always evaluate, learn and develop. In other word, you need to create a blogging habit that eventually leads you to 1000 unique visitors per day.

May be I am a kind of stubborn blogger that not always follow every tips I get from everywhere on the internet. Instead, I create my own schedule for blog development.

As a part-time blogger, my time is very limited. That is why I tend to write what I do related to my blog everyday and always check my google analytics to see how all those things effect my blog traffic growth.

Though I see some difference in the stats, there is not much I can do overnight because my time is very limited. From the notes, I make particular things (to do list) that I need to repeat in term of blogging activity. This led me to a habit of blogging that result oriented, in this regard, gaining traffic.

If you already have the habit, that is a good thing. You must maintain it no matter what the result is. Blogging habit is a must if you aim to get 1000 unique visitors per day.

Find the Strength of Your Blog

If you blog for sometimes, eager enough to learn, and evaluate your blog you will notice that your blog has some “weight”.

No matter how hard the competition is, there must be something that makes search engine love your blog. All of that can be disclosed through Google Analytics. From there we can attract even more visitors.

Find out what keywords that attract the most visitors to your blog, what popular post your blog has. Then you can create related topics to increase the attractiveness of your blog in visitors’ eyes.

You can also see further to acknowledge the reason why your blog attain the “keywords”. SEO is great source of traffic for sure. Since there is dangerous to rely highly on keywords in the development of search engine algorithm, focus on quality content is the safest way to keep the benefit of SEO for your blog.

Track Your Network Building Strategy

Many bloggers tend to build as many network as possible in their way to get 1000 unique visitors per day. This might be good but the problem is you will spend so much time without focus.

What if you can get better result (1000 unique visitors per day) by spending several hours a day on place that already proven to work? Of course it will save much of your time. All of that can only happen if you track your network.

Track them down. Take note on what you do and where you do it.

Here are the most common networks building as bloggers:

We will never be sure which one work if we are not tracking our activity.

You should focus on places that gives what you want. In this term …. traffic. For example: if you leave blog comment on blog A and you witness constant traffic from blog A to your blog, it is better to focus on that blog rather than comment anywhere hoping to get 1000 new visits. Do this at least for 3 days before you decide to add new blog to comment. This is how you can save your time in blog commenting that result in traffic for your blog.

The Social Networks

We can’t ignore the power of social networks today such as facebook, twitter, g+, linkedin and etc. There are millions of potential unique visitors from that place. It is dumb enough to avoid them. So make sure you have your presence there. You don’t to be on all of it, just focus on what work best for your goal. Here are some tips related to social media:

What Should You Do to Get 1000 Unique Visitors per Day?

If you thought for a while, maybe there is no new method to get 1000 unique visitors per day (yet). It is because everything depends on how you evaluate your own strategy to obtain the maximum result of it.

Does it really work? Well, it does for me. Here’s my result in the last two months:

Traffic 1 September to 31 October 2014

It is not an overnight success story to achieve it though and it is really exhausting but with all the steps at least I know exactly what I have done and how to repeat it. I guess there is no more doubt to get 1000 unique visitors per day, it is achievable for sure.

Update June 2017

I have made little change to this habit. I have decided to use premium template called authority.

I have been used this template since April 2016. Since then, I watched carefully how my unique visitors grow until I realize it has reach 2000 unique visitor per day.

So, if you have big question on how to get 1000 unique visitors per day to your blog or website, make sure you follow these steps.


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