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What Is Your Website PageRank for the Next Updates?


I know maybe many of you already know that pagerank is not important anymore. There are many discussions about pagerank that summarized the less important of the metric for now on.

But what if you can predict your website pagerank for the next updates? Would you like to know that?

There’s actually a site that develop an algorithm similar to Google deciding pagerank of a site. With this site you can easily know certain important information about a site. In other word it can be used as a spy tool though, but I only try it once to know how good my pagerank if there were an update anytime soon.

Here’s some information you can disclose with this tool:

  • Website daily visitors
  • Website Worth
  • Advertising revenue
  • Global rank (alexa)
  • Current Google Pagerank
  • Backlinks (based on alexa)
  • Pagerank prediction (if there were an update anytime soon)
  • Your IP
  • WebsiteIP

Here’s the result when I check for my own blog:

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There’s also authority checker you can use. The data you can disclose with authority checker are:

  • Website name
  • Webpage authority
  • Web domain authority
  • Quality backlinks
  • All Backlinks
  • Authority Rank

Here’s the result when I check for my own blog:

Pagerank UpdatesPagerank Updates

You want to find out Google pagerank prediction for your website? Just take a look at webuka