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Manufacturing Natural LinksThis is often referred to as a ‘secret way’ to create natural looking links back to your website, but I believe it is known by more people than the ‘guru’s’  try and let on. If you do not know about it then you will love this.

Before we get to the bones of this ‘secret way’ let’s first talk a little about backlinks.

Google want to reward sites that are popular, when people liked a site they would link to it, Google saw this as a form of online voting. The sites that had the most votes were raised up higher in the search rankings.

Website owners soon realised that the more links you had the higher you went up in Google so they would then start to try and manipulate this voting system by getting as many links back to their site anyway they could. Links would be exchanged with other sites, websites joined networks, link farms and directories, posts were bookmarked on any bookmarking site they would find, site owners would try everything they could.

In their recent updates Google slashed link farms and directories and began penalising bad link practices. They hunted down and destroyed many link webs that resulted in many websites losing their rankings. Some of these websites spent a lot of money building these links networks.

There is a way to build links that can help boost your sites rankings that look natural and will not be noticed by Google, if done properly that is. You will need to outsource some work at a small cost but the cost is small and spread over the years is money well spent.

As you know guest posting is a great way to get

  1. Exposure: having your name and website name dotted around like signposts.
  2. Traffic: people who read and like your posts can click through to your site.
  3. Backlinks: guest posts can link back to your site helping with your rankings.

When guest posting, people typically write the best posts possible and then offer them to big well respected authority blogs in their chosen niche to get maximum exposure and traffic. What this means is that when you write something that is read by thousands and is deemed useful or helpful, people will share that post and many will link to it.

When search engines send out their robots to check the links back to your site they will find links that go more than a couple of sites deep. Links from several sites will link to your guest posts which inturn links to pages on your blog like tree routes in soil.

This kind of link trail is loved by Google, it looks natural and has a flow to it. We can manufacture such links ourselves. By paying people to write articles that are relevant in nature to your guest posts, they can be offered to other websites to point at your guest posts.

These posts need to be written by others so they in no way resemble your style of writing and they need to be relevant to the content but they do not need to be of the same quality as yours. They do not need an author box as they can simply be offered to sites as free content for them to use.

These posts are not going to be used to promote things like ‘Payment Companies’ or ‘SEO Services’ like many of the dodgy guest posts you get offered these days, I am sure you have had one or two of these in your inbox, meaning the sites you offer them to would happily accept them.

Obviously you need to offer these ‘manufactured’ posts to sites that are similar in niche to your guest post. You can link to your guest post from the ‘manufactured’ post by writing something like, ‘I recently read this great post by The Secret Insider on Internet about Do What You Love And Love What You Do which inspired me to write this…’ or something along those lines and link part of the text to your chosen post.

Or you can simply link to a sentence without having to add your name or the website, having a mix of different types is good. What is important is that you give other sites a good post for free without your name in an author box so it looks like it is part of the website content.

As part of the deal, they must leave your links in place when they publish it in exchange for them getting free content. When it is published they must send you the URL so you can check that they have kept to their side of the deal and also you can share it on networks like Twitter etc to create traffic flow.

You can find writers at who will write posts for $5 good enough for the job that you can then add your links to, they do not need to be special, you then send these emails to up and coming blogs who would be happy to get free unique content. It is important that your articles are written and not spun by some article spinning machine.

It is very important that you do not go out and spend hundreds of dollars having articles and posts published in a week all pointing back to your guest posts otherwise it will be noticed by Google. Your guest posts will be shared and linked to for quite a while after they were published so there is no major rush in getting them linked to. It must look natural.

Let’s say you have 50 guest posts dotted about the web, you can slowly have articles written and given away to point at your guest posts over 3 – 6months maybe longer. This needs to be done slowly and naturally. You can have more than one article point at the same guest post however you should try and use as many different websites as possible.

I know we link to different posts on the same sites at times; it does happen so if you use the same website twice then it isn’t a big issue but do try and offer your ‘manufactured’ posts to different sites.

It isn’t worth creating satellite sites of your own, it would not look good in the eyes of Google if you created several WordPress sites and all of the content just linked back to your own site and guest posts.

What you are creating is tiers, your guest post is tier one, the ‘manufactured link’ post is tier two and if you wanted to create another tier or two you could have some smaller posts created that point back to the ‘manufactured’ post. With a bit of luck the owners of the sites that publish your ‘manufactured’ posts are involved in blog commenting.

Some blogs that they comment on could allow links back to their recent post which could add another tier to your link network.  Even though we are manufacturing a link network it is natural in appearance and we are also doing some great ethical things in the process.

  1. We are giving paid writing work to people.
  2. Offering free posts to newer smaller blogs.
  3. Sending links to the sites where your guest posts are published.
  4. Sending traffic back to those same sites.

We do benefit from doing this but so do many others. Isn’t that better than article spinning, comment spamming, bookmarking and any other form of link farming that fills up the net with garbage?

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This post was written by The Secret Insider who is a freelance writer who recently wrote Will Subdomain Mini Niche Sites Become The New Google Sniper Sites?



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