How to Boost Traffic Blog through Blog Commenting


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Boost traffic blog is something that many blog owner want to know. Like it or not traffic blog is the life-blood of a website or a blog. Bloggers will try their best to boost their monthly traffic to sustain their own blog. I guess many will agree on that, so let’s talk about blog commenting …..

So, what’s up with blog commenting?

Blog commenting seems to be a “must do” activity for a blogger. If you are a blogger and you like to write, I believe you do blog commenting, even if only once in your lifetime. Many benefits you can get from just a blog commenting. One of those benefits is boost your traffic blog.Do you remember how many comments you have made so far? Don’t need to count it, if you like it so much it’s impossible to remember on how many comments you have made.

But if you look deeper on your blog commenting …. have you ever think to evaluate it? Yes, evaluate your blog commenting …. Well, I don’t have any bad mean by that, I just think that you will be happy enough if your blog commenting gives you extra traffic in return, won’t you?

If we discuss on traffic blog it’s going to be interesting  …. especially on how to boost traffic blog through blog commenting. Let’s start ….

3 Simple but Powerful Tips to Boost Traffic Blog through Blog Commenting

1. Be the first who leave comment (or at least leave a comment)

This is strongly related to human psychology. The readers are human, aren’t they? :D.

I’ll tell you why ….

If you give comments on blog articles and you successfully managed to be the first, so ….. it’s like you have done a free advertisements on other blogs.


Because the more comments added the more visible your blog link is. Every time new commentors want to leave new comments they have to scroll down and see your comments (and your link too). The more comments it has the more readers see you.

Be the first, is just the theory …. the result can be vary depends on many things. These days be the first who leave comments is not a guarantee you will have a lot of referral traffic from it. Sometime valuable comments are better than just be the first who leave comments.

2. Be valuable commentors (try your best to add highly valuable comments for the writer or any questions may raise by other commentors)

If you are able there is a smart decision to put more value to your comments to steal many readers attention that make them curious enough to click on your comment link.

I have to admit that it is hard to give highly valuable comments each time you do blog commenting but there is always a way to put value for your comments. How to do that? Just give answers for these questions ;

*Do you understand the issue that being discussed?

*Do you have interest with the topic of the article?

*Does the article gives benefits to you as a reader? If so why don’t you share your voices

*Does something left on the article discussion? If so give those missing tips

If all the answers are “YES” then there is huge possibility your comments are valuable not only in the eyes of blog owner but also of other readers.

With those value added comments, you have more chance to get click on your comments link. Make sure to check your traffic report to measure the result.

3. Be smart to leave your comment on strategic places.

From my personal experiences, there are strategic places for you to leave comments.

Where are those strategic places?

# Article with a Good SERP (Search Engine Rank Position). The easiest way to find these kind of article is through search engine.

Once you finished your updates, just type the same keywords as your new blog article updates, click enter, and then see the result. Take a visit on your first page result. Read it. And leave a comment there.

Article with a good SERP is highly visible to large amount of readers from search engine. Can you imagine if your comments are there? It’s a smart and free blog promotion. Moreover, due to your interest on the same topic, I bet you can share your valuable insight as commentors.

# Recent Posts. The latest posts on blog has a huge possibility to get read by visitors. If you leave comments link there other readers will notice on your comment link. If they are interested they’ll take a visit on your blog. (Read : How to create a new posts that bring traffic blog)

# Popular Posts. This is related with human psychology. Popular posts have indication that majority of blog visitors read it, so if you like to you can leave comments in there. First time visitors have a tendency to read popular posts because it’s a strong sign that they’ll find value from the articles. (Read : How popular posts helps me earn $2,000 )

# Traffic referral sources. To find traffic referral sources, you need to see your traffic reports. From there you can find which blogs gives you better traffic than the other. As a gratitute you can do blog commenting there to increase the traffic referral.

# Familiar Blog. If you can show relationship with the writer through your blog commenting, this will give you additional benefits. In the eyes of other readers you have more value besides the quality of your comments. Thus you are ready to receive more traffic from that blog.

# Commentluv Enabled Blogs. With commentluv plugins you can easily share your article title to make it visible for readers. The more attractive your title the better it will be. (Read : Top 40 commentluv enabled blogs to boost your traffic referral)

Blog commenting is the easiest way to promote your blog. And if you do this correctly it could be important source of your traffic blog. It’s free and everyone can do it.

Save Your Time for Link Building from High PR Blogs/Websites with Reasonable Prices

That’s exactly how I boost traffic through blog commenting. I bet you have something to say about this:) If you don’t mind how is your traffic referral through blog commenting so far? Does it dominant in your traffic reports? Please share us your voices 😀

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  1. blog commenting is an easy way to drive targeted and easy traffic. but you should comment on only relevent blogs which is very difficult in other niches
    Guppu Boss recently posted..10 BEST WEBSITES TO FIND FUN ONLINE AND KILL BOREDOMMy Profile

    • Okto

      Hi Guppu, relevant blog is importan to bring targeted traffic. It is difficult indeed, as Andi from timsminions said it could be really exhausted, but if you have the passion then blogcommenting plan should be a great idea. Thanks for your feedback :-)

  2. Ehsan Ullah

    Hey Okto,

    If you ask me, I will say that I don’t want traffic to my blog and I never try to increase my blog traffic. What I want and I want to increase is my readers (Loyal readers) not traffic that visits my blog just one time and leaves forever.

    Ehsan Ullah recently posted..Why Do I Respond To Every Comment on My Blog And Why You Should TooMy Profile

    • Okto

      Hi Ehsan, loyal readers are everyblogger wants. As long as our blog can benefits them they’ll be our loyal one. Thanks a lot for the feedback :-)

  3. Another great post Okto and it is very true what you say, sometimes it is hard to write good comments even when you A) want to and B) know the topic well but having commented on plenty of other good blogs that day your brain frazzles and it doesn’t take long before a comment can look like a simple spammy link building effort.

    Some good tips there, I normally have a list of favourite blogs that I read and comment on but I could do to look for others with matching keywords and build some more links from new blogs.

    Great post, I hope you are well and speak soon.
    Andi the Minion recently posted..Why Online Property Has A Better ROI than Traditional Bricks and Mortar PropertyMy Profile

    • Okto

      Hi Andi, I thought I was the only one who feel it that way :-) . Lists are great one Andi. Glad we can add new tip on ‘matching keywords’, it can help us leave good/great comments. Thanks for stopping by and sharing your voice :-)

  4. Really nice strategy to bring out the maximum from blog commenting. According to me, the most important thing is to place a valuable comment and also at the strategic places you discussed here. Also you should be the first few to comment because if you place a comment at a high traffic blog but at around #40 then it would not be much helpful for traffic but if you get a chance to be #1 or 2 then it can boost your traffic a lot.
    Mahaveer recently posted..Is Reciprocal Link Exchange a Dying SEO Art?My Profile

    • Okto

      Hi Mahaveer, there will be diferrent results of blogcommenting, but to me be the first only was not giving the best results. Valueable and strategic places are … :-) thanks for sharing your voices here :-)

  5. While commenting the most important thing is to be the first one to comment. But one question arises here. If your blog traffic usually comes from comments you posted on other blogs it will be difficult for the future. How many comments can you post a day?

    • Okto

      Hi Ben, great to see you here. Traffic from blogcommenting can be vary for every blogs. Some might get hundreds or might be thoushands while some others might only ten. But it will be a spirit booster if blogger can drive a lot of traffics from commenting. Despite of how many comments we could have a day? Having a lists (just as Andi said) could be a good idea. But to many bloggers, commenting is a daily menu. Having lists can ease the stress but to me . . . making comments is making connections. I like to have a lot of connections and I am enjoy to build my own through commenting :-) Thanks a lot for sharing your voices :-)

  6. Dmitri

    The effect of blog commenting on traffic may depend on your website niche. In “commercial” niches comments are usually not welcomed. Sometimes it works, sometimes no.

    • Okto

      Hi Dmitri,
      You are right. Blog commenting results in term of traffic will depends on some aspects, and niche is one of it. Take a look on traffic reports will be a good idea to measure it works or not. Thanks a lot for sharing your voices here 😀

  7. Tarun Bajaj

    worth noticing points !!! every point is great. but be the first one to comment and that too on recent or popular posts is really interesting!!!
    Tarun Bajaj recently posted..England’s Tour of India 2012-13My Profile

    • Okto

      Hi Tarun,

      Great to know that we can add some worthy tips here

      Thanks for visiting and giving us your voices :)

  8. Blog commenting is really a very essential method to drive the traffic… But what I feel is, while commenting, the point on maintaining good relationship with your fellow mates, should be considered! :-)
    Zainil recently posted..Who Is Zainil Dedhia?My Profile

    • Okto

      Hi Zainil,

      Sure … relationship should be considered as priority in blog commenting. Thanks for sharing your voices my friend :)

  9. I think blog commenting is still useful at the moment, but nowhere near as useful as it was around a year or two ago.

    I think you’d be better off spending your time writing guest posts even though it’ll more than likely take longer to get a link etc.
    Jamie Farrelly recently posted..Getting Accepted To The eBay Partner NetworkMy Profile

    • Okto

      Hi Jamie,
      Blog commenting is still great to bring targeted traffic moreover if we do it in commentluv enabled blogs. Guest blogging is surely one of the great ways to build our links.

      The smart combination of both blog commenting and guest blogging are definitely will boost our blog performance

      Thanks for your valuable feedback

  10. Rajkumar Jonnala


    yeah its 100% true we can easily generate good traffic through blog commenting whi i’ve experienced recently.

    thanks for the nice tips.
    Rajkumar Jonnala recently posted..Top Ten Blogging Strategies For Music artistsMy Profile

    • Okto

      Hi Raj,
      Glad we can give you some useful tips :)

  11. Hi Okto,
    Blog commenting is one of the easiest ways on how to promote one’s site. It can take some time, but it really is worth it, considering the many benefits it can give, especially on boosting up one’s traffic. Leaving valuable comments is usually my number one aim.
    But nowadays, a lot of bloggers I follow usually say that writing guest posts is a much better strategy to get traffic. I guess it has something to do with the Google (Panda/Penguin) updates.
    Felicia recently posted..PokerStars: MicroMillons III Schedule Announced!My Profile

    • Okto

      Hi Felicia,
      Blog commenting is a classic strategy in spread your blog/website link. If you can put every value on it it’s a great way to grab traffic from every blog you have visited and commented.

      I don’t completely agree about guest blogging. Both guest blogging and blog commenting are good to combine to generate extra traffic into our blog. Blog commenting is easier and faster to do than guest blogging.

      Thanks for your feedback :)

  12. Akos Fintor

    Hey Okto,

    The way I go about leaving a comment is taking a good look at the title of the post.
    If it resonates with me at any level I’m in because I know that I have something to say about the topic being discussed.
    If it doesn’t interest me I know I would need to force something out of me that doesn’t come natural. So there would be no point whatsoever. Why bother, right?
    I try to stay supportive and positive but if there is something I don’t agree with I’m not afraid to make my voice heard.

    Great tips!
    Thanks for the share!
    Akos Fintor recently posted..Why I’m Glad You Lost Your JobMy Profile

    • Okto

      Hi Akos,

      That’s is absolutely great. Using your tip is perfect to disclose our expertise in a particular topics.

      Thanks for your feedback

  13. Blog commenting can be used to drive in niche targeted traffic by commenting on niche related blogs. It helps in increasing the traffic and sometimes also your link popularity. It all depends on the niche because for some niche you may find blogs very easily to comment on but in some niche you may find blogs that easily. Blog commenting does also helps the blogger or its blog gaining authority. One should do commenting on blogs with a sense of responsibility without putting in lw quality comments

    • Okto

      Hi Saqib,
      “Sense of responsibility” … I like that :). It’s what make a difference between a pro and a spammers. If bloggers seriously taking blog for his business, they’ll build authority through blog commenting. And the sense of responsibilty in blog commenting, is a perfect proof, how serious bloggers can be with their blog :)

      Thanks for the feedback

  14. Great post, Okto!

    I do agree that strategic commenting can be a great way to build readership and popularity for your blog.

    Where I take exception is to the idea that there is some value to be had by being first. Sure, if you are first, your comment would receive a lot more visibility than it would were it tucked in a mountain of older comments.


    I have noticed that when you rush to be first, you likely end up with a comment that does not really add to the discussion.

    Rather than rush to be first, be meaningful first.
    Yeremi Akpan recently posted..Starting a New Blog? It’s Time to Blog Outside Of the Box!My Profile

    • Okto

      Hi Yeremi,

      Looks like you and I agree that “be the first” is not a big deal for now. Thanks for adding feedback to us :)

  15. Nice Very Nice Thanx

  16. Hello,

    Of course commenting is really nice method to get lot of referral traffic and I’m getting it too.

    Samir recently posted..Download Google Play Store APK latest version 4.5.10My Profile



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