6 SEO Strategies That Helps Me Earn Money Everyday


SEO (search engine optimization) can be a headache for some reason. May be you have followed many great or evergreen tips about it yet still, your website not attractive enough to search engine first page.

At this wonderful moment, I would like to share my experience related to SEO strategy and what I have learned from it (especially to transform business opportunity to long term business). This experience is unpredictable to some extent. Why? Because when I wrote the content it was purely to entertain visitors by providing valuable information that they could try and do. Well, not completely off SEO strategy though but I am not put everything on it to win the SERPs competition.

Let’s get to the point to save your precious time 🙂

Here are the 6 SEO Strategies That Helps Me Earn Money Everyday

SEO Strategy FeaturedSEO Strategy FeaturedOrganic visitors are eagerly to take action as we recommended

Actually I am not so surprise with this assumption. What makes it special to me is that SEO helps me earn money every day. What I mean with “earn money every day”? SEO helps me find targeted audiences that enable me to earn constantly.

We can earn affiliate commission when people land on our website and take action as we suggested on the content, this commission might be great (let’s say $50 per sale) but we only generated it once (depends on the product we offer, but mostly only once).

We can earn huge money from adsense by generating profitable keywords through search engine but it all depends highly on the number of our website traffic that click the adsense ads.

Through the benefits of SEO I just notice that everyday people joining my downline and making me money doing what they like to do. It is happening on one of my post in “Bahasa”. The title is “ 10 cara mendapatkan uang dari internet tanpa ngeblog”. (10 ways to make money online without blogging).

I notice the progress because I’ve got new people join under my recommendation almost every day through my email.

With full of curiosity, I checked google.co.id and type “cara mendapatkan uang dari internet tanpa ngeblog” and found that my post was on top of SERPs. Frankly, this was the long tail keyword I aimed with the content and my initial target was only “traffic”, not “conversion”.

Furthermore, I run into more interesting fact that I found through my jetpack stats. It shows me that the content keeps generating organic traffic with various keywords search (all of them related to make money from internet).

This single post has brought me 104 referrals (and keeps growing) for one business opportunity I recommend on it. With this system, I am grateful because whenever my referrals make money I do too, it’s all done in autopilot.

SEO BenefitsSEO Benefits

extra monthly earning because the post helps me build referral in daily basis automatically

Riwayat pembayaran clixsense sampai Juni 2016Riwayat pembayaran clixsense sampai Juni 2016

Money Program I use above

1000+ Words Post Work Best?

I don’t know exactly but I believe 1000 words (+ quality) post will attract more organic visitors because your content may show in many keywords being requested on search engine.

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My post is 1,174 words post. With the result I’ve got, it’s hard not to believe long post work best for organic traffic!

Strong Information Convert Best

What do I mean with strong information? It is information that supported with real fact as a proof and of course easy to follow recommendation (“click here”, “get it now” or etc).

This is understandable. Organic visitors are highly targeted people. When they land on our website, they are consuming what they looking for. If you provide a proof to them, it will make your information highly qualified in their eyes and successfully build the trust between you and your potential customers.

I do realize that there are more and more people like to earn cash from internet but they are reluctant to blog. My content was delivering some ways people can earn money from internet without blogging. What I am trying to do is to make people stop their search and take action from my content and get result they always wanted without asking email or anything in return or worse, asking them to pay money to get it.


The use of word free, fast, or without is a good title marketing strategy to indulge visitors do what we suggest. If you have something free to try, giving fast result, easy to do without giving sequence of problem, people will interest easily to join the business.

We should not overdo this strategy though. Trust is the most important thing in building long term and reliable business. If you spam people with the content, not only they will fly away but google will wipe you out. If you want to earn money every day using SEO strategy, don’t trick people with your content.

Update the content with relevant information

After I announced my “$50 daily online on autopilot – project”, I realized that those trusted “business program” were available more than just one. I was started to think to update the content with relevant opportunities. So I just did. What’s the result? I got some new referral in the programs I offered.

So … what I’ve learned?

The “business program” I’ve offered within the content takes at least 30 days to gain result. After 30 days I can ask for payment and they will transfer my earning to paypal. Once I’ve got the payment proof, I added it to the content. I believe visitors will trust the recommendation more than ever before after see the payment proof.

If you have a good content that perform well in generating organic traffic, why don’t you update the content with highly relevant information that will bring you more business opportunities in the long run? Targeted visitors will always consider good offer!

Old Fashioned On-page Optimization work for Local Search

I was wondering myself about on-page optimization. There was nothing special about it though. I just did the old fashioned way. I repeat the target keyword 5 times in the whole 1,174 words with 2 target keyword in heading and sub-heading. There’s one external link (fiverr.com) and the rest are just internal links to relevant content.

May be old-fashioned SEO strategies work for local search (or non-english language content) or maybe not? What do you think?

The Right SEO Strategy Will Help You Earn Money Everyday

This simple and real case study has taught me to earn moeny. If you implemented SEO strategy correctly you would have a better chance to build long term business. Don’t you want to have an opportunity to keep earning online even when you sleep? I’ve seen that SEO made us possible to achieve that.

The real case that happens to me show that SEO can be effective weapon to achieve financial motives online.

Of course, we must not overdo the SEO strategy. It will harm the real purpose of publishing blog content which is to helps people solve their problem. If you want to build your business with the assistance of SEO, be sure to focus on publishing helpful content. People will remember and return for more from your blog.