App Indexing: Is it a part of content marketing now?

Although Google started including apps in its results back in October 2013, people start noticing those results went profound with “mobile friendly ranking algorithm,” which went live on April 21, 2015. By means of app indexing, Google is not only ranking website based on its content but also Apps. Relevant content from app is now important if it wants to rank on Google. Just like websites, thin content, plagiarism in an app can get you penalized too.

How does App Indexing works?

With the introduction of App indexing, Google Search, in addition to web pages, includes content from Android apps.

If Google Search finds a news item available on the application, a user has the option to open it within either the app or the web browser. Recently, we have seen the trend where a few businesses went app only, making app indexing even more relevant, today. When iOS app will be added to the search index as announced by Google, things get even more interesting in terms of app content.

Bing too indexes apps but the list is currently restricted to Windows Phone apps. Owing to the fairly low share of Bing and Windows Phone in terms of Search Engine and mobile platform market.

From whom does app indexing matters?

Yes, it matters especially in the context that the number of apps is growing every day and their inclusion in search results will only rise with the growth. This is all marking a new trend in mobile search that gives equal emphasis to content irrespective of its origin. Tech History is evident: A tech trend effects everybody in its field.

So thinking, I don’t sell or market an android app why should I care is too naïve a proposition. For opportunists out there, developing an Android can improve your search presence. As the way Search Results emerges, the results pointing to both in app content and in web content are more likely to get click than those offer only the latter.

The certainties

  1. Boost your mobile presence. Before you were restricted with a website that defined your search presence, now, in addition, you have the provision of apps to expand your online presence.
  2. Easy app discovery, a win-win situation for App developers and users alike
  3. Getting native experience was never they easy on mobile

The Takeaways

  1. The tactical takeaway

Don’t take breath until indexed. If your business has an Android App, make sure it’s indexed. There is plenty of information to commit this on the internet.

  1. The Strategic Takeaway

Mobile will become even more important for sellers and techies. Predominantly, those, who were upset about not getting enough conversions from mobile devices, will have more chance of conversions now that people can view content in-app with from search results. Apps are always considered as the best source of leads.

Search Engine Optimisers should stare the parts where mobile consequences can be amended.

What are the benefits to app developers and designers?

This is a win-win situation for both users and developers. The more content is indexed, the better the users’ search experience and results. App publishers, on the other hand, will profit from more in-app traffic, revenue, and engagement. Now they no more have to struggle for making people take their apps. Google will show the Play Store link when the content is existing on an app. Even if the app is not installed, you will be endorsed to get it from Play store.

Nowadays, app marketers have to be conscious of what they mark in app descriptions, or their app won’t be noticeable on Google Search

To give users a native mobile experience regardless of OS would be more obstinate when this feature will be reach iOS devices: iPad and iPhone.


Unambiguously, app indexing is bold in the supremacy towards well mobile search and usage.

SEOs, webmasters, and vendors need to appreciate this. More curiously, they have to differentiate the mobile search business. It isn’t motionless; it is riding on surfs. We are sailing towards a superior mobile universe, the growth of indexation latent, and augmenting mobile in every way possible.

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