20 Foolproof Ideas For Getting Your First 1,000 Subscribers

fool proof ideasThis guest post is by Kenneth Ifeanyi

I know you have heard what I am about to say before but trust me, it is best you hear it again and again. There is this saying that goes thus, “there is money in the list” and I know that there is, positively speaking. Before a person thinks of setting up a blog, the person ought to know its importance and also know what it entails. So, for the upcoming bloggers, here is one thing you should know; before starting a blog, you must be focus in building lists of email subscribers before anything else. So, with all that said, let’s get down to the task at hand.

We would be looking at the 20 foolproof ideas under some sub-topics, and it goes thus;

  1. Landing  pages are dope
  2. Use the contents to attract audiences
  3. Shout it out loud
  4. Knowing the email marketing tricks
  5. Unlocking the doors with the right key.



  1. Headlines are very important when it come stop the writing of articles. It is also VERY important when it is written on landing pages. When crafting headlines, it is very important a killer one that will pull with audience to it with such force that will make them spells bound.
  2. Give the audience reasons why they should subscribe to your blog. Now, I don’t mean you should falsify, because if they notice it, whatever actions they take will lead to your down fall and you will regret it for the rest of your blogging life.
  3. Have enough social proof. Once one or more people take the first step, others will follow.
  4. Asking for too much within a little while is so not cool. Now, when this transaction is in progress, you ought not to ask for more information. All you need to know at that time is just a name and email address; nothing more than that.
  5. Leave them with just two (2) options; the “subscribe” or the “leave” on the page.

USE THE CONTENTS TO ATTRACT THE AUDIENCE: Using the content as bait simply means you using the content to draw people closer to your blog.

  1. Being unique with your contents doesn’t mean you should beat around the bush before landing. It also doesn’t mean you should write trash and expect people to be pleased with it. If you are writing a guest post, it is very important that you know what they want and give it to them the way they want it.
  2. Add links to your blog post. Sometimes, it is best you use a linked word to refer to any other post either in that site or in another for the shedding of more light and enhancing the knowledge of the readers.
  3. Don’t waste the traffic gotten from guest posts. If you are opportune to write for a large audience, I advise that you send that traffic to your landing page instead of sending it to the homepage.
  4. Whatever video or recordings you are doing, send them to the landing page because there, you will be able to get more people to subscribe than another place.
  5. Using your content to attract people would lead to the gaining of traffic and also to the pulling of more subscribers to your blog.

SHOUT IT OUT LOUD: this has to do with you letting the world know what you have for them. It is not only by building that they’ll come.

  1. Do you think that when it is built, they will come? Hell no!! It doesn’t work that way. If your readers don’t know what you have for them, there is no way they will realize you exist. So, act now!
  2. To get subscribers, you have to do about 50% lead generation and 50% promotion. That is so balanced and once that is up and running, you will need to contact people and get emails to spread the word because it ought to be your number one priority.


  1. You are not just building an email list, but you are building a kind of list that very active people will use to find solutions to whatever problems they are facing.
  2. Your future subscribers are also counting on you to help them in times of crisis and you must not use that to your own advantage.what I mean by using it to your own advantage is that, you must not use it to scam them or anything rash.
  3. If you don’t know what email marketing is all about, perform researches and get more ideas.

UNLOCKING THE DOOR S WITH THE RIGHT KEY: to do this, you just have to test and keep testing.

  1. Test the headlines plus the copy of your landing pages.
  2. Test the layouts.
  3. Test the images too.
  4. Test everything testable to get a 100% subscription level.
  5.  Do what you can when you can and how you can.

About guest blogger
Kenneth Ifeanyi is a seasoned internet marketer who runs a blog where he shares on how to get google traffic plus easy ways to make money online

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