8 Simple Steps To Create a Website

Simple Steps to Create a Website. Is that Really that Simple?

On starting a website one has hundreds of questions and doubts in their mind. These doubts and unfamiliar technology i.e. internet can put any one on the back foot. It has now become important to create a website because without online presence no business can get success. Most of the people use internet for shopping or to know about the products and services they are planning to purchase.

steps to create a websiteBasic Aims to make your website:

  • To deliver valuable or quality content to visitors.
  • To get targeted Organic traffic.
  • To rank higher in search engines.
  • To show Monetization Model to your targeted audience.

Steps to create your website:

  • Select your Niche: This is one of the most important step to create a professional or personal website because niche is something that makes your website or blog special. At the same time, it is a very crucial step because if you choose the wrong niche then it can hurt you in long term, because if you discontinue the niche then you will not only lose the readers but you will also have to build the traffic from the scratch. So it is better to select the appropriate niche at early stages.
  • Purchase the Domain: Now, its time to get your domain. It is also a very critical step. While choosing the domain, ensure that you don’t use the names which are difficult to pronounce and choose such a name which describes your niche and is also easy to remember, so that the visitors can visit your blog again and again and share the blog with their friends ( this is very essential for new websites).
  • Choose the Platform: There are many platforms for creating websites that are available free such as WordPress, Drupal, Joomla and Blogger. Mostly The platforms- blogger and WordPress are used to create the blogs where as Drupal and Joomla are used to create websites but it least matters as blog or website is almost the same thing. For the beginners who don’t want to scratch their head for the technical things of the website, then it is better to go with the WordPress or blogger.
  • Buy the Hosting: There are many types of hosting in which major types of hosting are free. The selection of web hosting depends on the requirement of website. In order to publish your website on World Wide Web, you have to purchase a web hosting account so as to upload your website online. Through a web hosting account you can create many email id: anything@yourdomainname.com
  • Choose your Website Theme: You can choose the themes which are free or premium. If  you take the blogger, then you have many free themes on it from where you can choose but the quality of these themes are not good. If you use WordPress, then there are basic three themes and some others which are available online, but from all of them premium themes are of very good quality and provides you the security and are SEO friendly.
  • Add Plugins: The plugins make your front page appealing and attractive and also improve the performance of the site. It also saves the time and efforts because by installing these plugins, your coding work will get finish. All the above mentioned platforms have plugins but the WordPress has the best and varied plugins which makes your work easier. But ensure that you choose the trusted plugins only because, it can affect in later stages.
  • Start Publishing the Article: Before publishing the articles, your website should be created fully so that there is no change in the front page layout. Firstly, you have to write the articles in every niche and they should be informative and related to your business and website. Ensure that it is lengthy and doesn’t have any spelling or grammatical errors. Besides this, publish your articles consistently and just follow your pace.
  • Start Adding your Site to Search Engines: So to tell the search engines and visitors about your site, you should add your website to search engines. The major search engines include, Bing, Google and Yahoo. When you submit your website on search engines, then engines robot crawls through your site to collect the information and update its database, to show the information to the visitors.

Easy Steps Create a WebsiteOnline presence has now become important for every business or Online Marketing, therefore it is important to create an effective business website to get success in your business.

This guest post is by Vinit Kumar

*Image provided by guest author

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About the Author  : Vinit Kumar working as a SEO Executive with SEO Rank Smart. We are optimizing our client’s website on LSI based techniques. We are targeting several of semantically related keywords in order to get the qualified traffic towards the website.



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