7 Secrets of Social Media Marketing that Always Get Traffic

What is Social Media Marketing?

According to several experts, Social Media Marketing is an approach to advocate a business through the use of relevant contents. The success rate is measured by the various amounts of mention, like, shared-content, and more.

Hence, we can say that a viral marketing is influenced by how good (and most importantly, how relevant) a content is.

So, how do we write a compelling content for social media marketing?

1. Determine your buyer profile

The first and foremost, analyze what kind of buyers do you need? Are they readers? Baker? Fashionista? These personas help you to determine, what kind of content you should produce. There are many segments of consumers and they tend to read different types of information. With so many noises on social media, it’s necessary to make your voice distinctive by aiming on the right prospects.

2. Check your previous contents

If you already have a blog or website, go to the admin page and find out which content has the most shared rate and which is not even read. This helps you to cover holes using new pieces of content, or enhance the existing one, based on the buyer profile.

3. Create an editorial plan

You can set up the plan on spread sheet or document. Read through your marketing goals and determine how many content you wish to produce every week; including, what kind of topics you should cover. Don’t forget the SEO keywords that you need to address on every content. There will be some dates that can hook you better to your customers for instance; national events, exhibitions, public holidays, etc.

4. Create a helpful content

Social media marketing, as it’s always been stated by many experts, is about “listen and respond”. Thus, it’s necessary to create a content that’s not only fun, but also helpful for your audience. An internet user shares contents in their social media profile because they either think it’s funny, it’s informative, or it’s entertaining.

5. Manage a style

Your contents have to be neat with a similar writing style on each post. A regular blogging is a part of social media marketing. You can incorporate videos, images, reviews, tips or interviews to create a piece of relevant content for your audience.

6. Distribute content in different formats

Sometimes there is not much to say on a topic, but there are ways to deliver the message. You can transform your blog into an interesting infographics; or turn an interview video into an article. You can also combine old text to the new ones. These formats can reach wider audience as you post them on different platforms.

7. An evergreen content

There are types of content that’s timeless, for instance health, lifestyles, or how-to ideas. If you want to remove the hassle of finding great news to cover, you can pick some of these topics that will not ‘get old’. They can drive traffic to your website for years ahead.

When thinking about social media marketing, it’s time to create quality content and optimize them to get more traffic.


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