Which Blog Niche Is More Profitable?


Profitable blogProfitable blogWhat is a blog niche in broad non-technical terms? A niche is supposed to be a very limited area or group with people or something specific about it. But, when people say blog niche they just mean a general blog theme. People want to know which blog themes they should try if they want to make money.

How you define profitable is really up to you?

Do you mean profitable in a monetary sense? Is via some other reward system? What do you also term as profitable as per workload? For example, a lot of people use affiliate advertising on their blog to make money, but it can result in just a few dollars per month, and when you consider that it takes hours per week of blog maintenance then you are surely not making a profit because if you had put your blogging time into sweeping floors then you would have made a lot more than just a few dollars.

There are plenty of adverts that claim you can make a lot of money blogging, but if that were true then why are they advertising it instead of doing it. Furthermore, those types of adverts often lead to you being asked to take your clothes off in front of a web camera for $2 per hour, and the last thing you want is some guy online asking you where you were when they were handed out.

The most profitable blog niche since someone decided gold was precious

Car websites are the most profitable in an affiliate advertising way if you can get on Google’s first page result. There are a lot of people who know how much money can be made via CPC affiliate advertising for car parts and/or CPA for car parts and cars themselves. People order car parts online for hundreds of dollars and car parts are needed more often than most other high end technology in the home. Plus, if you are lucky enough to be selling cars via your affiliate advertising on a CPA deal, then just one sale per year can cover your costs and make you some profit too.

But, there are a lot of people who know about this, which is why it is so difficult to get your website up onto page one of the Google search engine results pages if your blog or website is about cars.

Technology ordered from home

Just like car parts, there are people who may order technology from the Internet. If they found that technology because of your adverts then you make money. The CPC amounts are okay in this area, but the CPA prices are great. If for example, someone sees a phone deal on your affiliate advertising and clicks on it with a CPA in place, and they end up buying then you may end up with a percentage of the sale (if you signed up with a good affiliate advertising company).

Health and weight loss

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Those affiliate adverts for weight loss are everywhere and that is because people want a quick way of getting rid of the chub. It really sucks because food is delicious until you have to exist on nuts, seeds and leafy greens, and exercise is fun if you are dancing in a club, but who wants to go running round on a freezing cold morning to try and get into shape.

If you told some people that poking yourself in the eye releases fight or flight chemicals that burn energy as they make your body prepared for action, then there are people in this world who will try it because they just don’t want to put down the fork and go jogging, and who can blame them? If your website is about health, fitness and weight loss then people will attend, and if your adverts are offering a miracle cure such as a weight loss pill then you can sit back and watch the gullible fat people’s money roll in.

You may even stoop to having the adverts for depression cures that are just sugar pills. Do not worry about upsetting the depressed people, as they were already in a bit of a mood before they even bought the pills from your advert.

Money and business or relationships

So far this list has been in order of importance, with cars first, technology second and health/fitness/weight loss third. But, in fourth place it is a tie between money/business and relationships. So here is a quick rundown of both.

People will attend money and business blogs if they think it will get them more money and will click on your adverts if they offer similar promises. Men check relationship blogs if they are being cheated on or if they want dating advice. In this case you should have affiliate advertising for porn (sad but true). If your target audience is women then they are checking because their relationship is falling apart and they want to know if others are going through the same. Your affiliate advertising in this case is wide open for female products but stay away from comfort items unless your website is about how to end a relationship.

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