5 Important Alexa Features to Improve Blog Performance


Important alexa features can be used to improve your blog performance. Do you know that? I know maybe to some of us alexa is not important tools to use. But I do believe that must be a reason alexa was born in the beginning. Apart from the importance of alexa, I have noticed several alexa features that is important as alternative signal to tell you what to do to improve blog performance.

What are those features?

Website Popularity

This is the initial information you will get from alexa metrics. The website popularity determine by the rank in global and the rank in which country your most visitors come from.

Website Popularity

There might be two main colors appear here with a sign up and down. Red indicates down performance while green indicates improvement compare to the last three month statistics.

Visitors’ Engagement

This metrics show you information about Bounce Rate Percentage, Daily Pageviews Per Visitors and Daily Time on Site. These data can give you raw understanding on how good your content work to answer visitors’ need.

Visitor Engagement

Visitors’ Demographic

This metric show you who your visitors’ are. The information includes the gender, education, browsing location etc. I think it is raw data which mean need further investigation.

The data provided in the metrics depends on those who instal the alexa toolbar and fill in the information requested. If the users’ being honest of course the data are valid. I guess that is not my task to figure out.

Visitor Demographic

Visitors’ Geo-Location

This is another interesting metric which show you where your visitors come from (in term of their geographic location).

This data can give you insight of your success in local search optimization. Let’s say you are UK blogger then it’s quiet obvious that your UK visitors are dominant than other visitors from the rest of the world. Thus you might find UK flag with the biggest percentage on this metrics.

Visitor by Country

This metrics emphasize on the amount of visitors’ percentage not the rank in country.

Search Traffic

In these metrics you will find keywords and referral traffics data. On keywords you can see several keywords (normally 5 keywords) that alexa think your blog best at with percentage of search traffic of the total traffic your blog has for that particular keywords.

On referral traffic you can find on several place on the net where your visitors mostly come before they land on your blog.

Percent of Visitors and SEO

What Important Alexa Features You Use?

To get the best out of it you need to compare these raw data with other analytic data you like. In my opinion alexa has made some improvement with their metrics information and quality. That’s the reason why their information might be good alternative source to improve our blog performance.

What about you? Have you tried to use alexa features to improve blog performance? Please do share your comment, expertise or experience about it. I would be happy to hear it.