What Is Web Hosting?

high bandwidth seo hostingWeb hosting is the area where websites or information are stored to allow them available on the global web. After developing a web page, the information of the website should be stored in a computer which is linked with the internet. This is known as web hosting & the computer  having this area is known as the hosting server computer.

Different types of Web Hosting: Web web host is primarily classified depending on the operating system (OS) of the hosting server computer & performance.

On the basis of the OS of the hosting server PC there are primarily two kinds of web host :

Windows Hosting: The web host where the server computer is conduct on windows. Windows web host is an ideal selection if you want to use dotNET, ASP, access data base & other Microsoft items. The main restriction of it is that it provides restricted entrance to Telnet, SSH, CGI, Perl etc.

Linux Hosting: The web host with linux conduct hosting server is called linux hosting. It is more famous than windows web host for it’s security, telnet accessibility, SSH, CGI, Perl etc, But if you like to associate with ASP, or access data base, linux web host is not proper for you.

On the performance basis, source (disk space, RAM, CPU) utilization & customer’s entrance to the web host server, there are primarily three kinds of web host :

Shared Hosting: This is the web host where several accounts are organised on the same computer. In this web host, all accounts share the sources like RAM, CPU, Hard disk space etc all together. Here you may have a percentage of disk space & bandwidth, but there is no warranty of systems sources. Sometimes you may obtain 60% of the sources or sometimes below 30%, which actually relies upon, on the source uses of other accounts on the same web host server at that time. In this web host, customers get the least control over the web host server. They can only read/compose information files on the web host server and can’t modify any web host server configurations.

VPS (Virtual Private Server) Hosting: VPS web host is the web host where some accounts are organised on the same computer but perform as separate computer. In a VPS, accounts have independent RAM, hard disk space, CPU etc so that the work of one account is not impacted by others. Even if the sources of an account are rarely used then it won’t be distributed to others.

VPS provides customers full management over the web host server. In a VPS, customers obtain complete management so that they can modify any configurations on the web host server or can set up any needed application. Even they can restart or closed down their web host server whenever they want.

Dedicated Server Hosting : In regard to the performance, dedicated web host is similar to VPS web host but in dedicated web host only one account is organised in one computer. So when someone purchases a dedicated web host, he actually leases a whole computer instead of some elements of it.

Dedicated hosting is the most effective selection for high traffic websites & websites with complicated navigation like e-commerce websites or data base oriented websites.

For hosting a website, it is allowable to install a hosting server on your own computer and host websites there, but it’s a complicated process & needs highly support computer with high-speed & efficient internet access. It also needs operating that PC 24 hours daily to prevent downtime. This is why it’s suggested to purchase hosts service from professional web host vendors.


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