What Is HTML?

HTML stands for “HyperText Markup Language.” Simply speaking  html is the code behind the all of websites.

So what is html? Basically it is a programming terminology made up of “tags” and guidelines that can be recognized by internet browsers to be able to show the website. In an perfect world a website would look the similar to everyone that look for it, regardless of their explorers; however this is not the situation as different internet explorer spot  HTML a little bit in a different way, leading to websites looking a little bit different to various people.

This issue was greatly enhanced by the innovation of CSS (Cascading Style Sheets), which permitted developers to contain all the details about what the “style” of the site was into a different terminology that could then be fed into the HTML web page to make a regular concept to the site. The other benefits of this was that before innovation of CSS (circa 1994 in its present form) all style (such as font, shade, size etc.) all had to be done independently for every passage, which was amazingly tedious! What CSS allows developers to do is to allocate a certain set of measurements (such as shade, structure, font and size) to a fresh “tag” that could then be acknowledged by the HTML docs and imparted onto the text included within that tag.

Then, what is  HTML tag?

For instance, if I like to create a text bold, I would put emphasize (in triangular brackets) Then my written text, then a ending tag /strong (also in triangular brackets). I cannot directly draw the brackets here because that would make the writing to looks in bold to you

The first tag informs the web browser that I want to create everything before the ending tag bold, and the ending tag signals the end point. There are a whole range of tags such as color, size, headline, head, body and footer, what CSS does is enable you to determine the style of a pre-existing tag, such as body (which would affect everything included within the body tag) or create a fresh one from the begining (such as h1). A CSS definition appears like this:

{ background:url(images/top_bg.png) repeat-x top #F6F5E9;

What this informs is that included within body, the backgrounds will be “top_bg.png” which will appear continously on the x axis, the margins will automatically modified, the font groups is determined, the font dimension will be 11px and along with shade will be #ccc (grey).

As you can think about this helps you to save developers a lot of time only having to write this once, rather than almost every paragraph!

So that is a simple explanation on what is html, hopefully it add more value for your understanding about it.

Image courtesy of pubpages.unh.edu

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