What Are Backlinks?


Everyone who has ever investigated SEO as a beginner probably requested the query ‘What are Backlinks?’ as they seemed through various websites on the internet. I kept in mind when I began out seeing the phrase recommended regularly without understanding exactly what it was for several weeks. It almost seemed as though the supposition it was logical sense, you know, backlinks!

For any of you who are thinking what a backlink is, or just searching to understand more, stick with me…this is going to be interesting.

What is backlink? It’s a link from other website directed BACK to your website. That’s it. That’s all it is about. For an even more granular meaning, a weblink is a URL such as http://myblog.com. So it is really a method for visitors to go from one website to go to another site

Why are they important? The purpose everyone is referring to inbound links is because if you have enough of them (maybe hundreds or thousands), they will help your website position better in the search engine. The greater you position, the more traffic you get, and the more things you can offer.

Keep in mind, search engine are developed to search for out the most appropriate response to a user demand. One (but not the only) method the major search engine do this is identifying how many other websites are directing or connecting to your website. If those websites have identical content to yours, that’s even better in result. The reasoning is, if other websites put link to your website, that probably indicates you are appropriate and publishing beneficial content.

Are all backlinks made equal? In fact major search engines most definitely do not believe all links are made equal. The simple reason is the internet is full of complete rubbish websites out there and anyone could make plenty of inbound links to confirm they are appropriate from spam websites designed particularly for that purpose. Oh really, that already occurred back in the late 1990’s early 00’s, and search engines has fixed for it in order to recover balance to their search result. Generally, it is a competition between the folks who are trying to trick the search engine, and the prodigies who type algorithms that work for search engines to attempt and stop them.

The most precious backlinks to have are those that have already been considered useful or beneficial by the search engines. In search engine point of view, that indicates the sites posses something they named Page rank. Page rank is really just like a reputation competition for sites, designated 0 through 9. Of course, 9 is the best. If your website has a variety of backlinks from sites with a Page rank of 8 or 9 (difficult thing to do…absolutely), it will increase the positions considerably. Search engines like Google places a variety of different aspects into identifying pagerank such as relevance, age of website, and whole lot of things they will never, ever published.

However, it doesn’t quit there…if those websites have a domain extension such as a .gov, .edu, or.org, instead of .com, you will obtain even more search engine juice. Why? Presumably it is because Google measure those domain extension highly credible division because they are generally not out there trying to offer something or generate income. Therefore, if one of those websites links back to you, you are most likely generating beneficial material.

So now that you have comprehend to the query “what are backlinks”, you are more likely want to know how to get the perfect ones. You don’t necessarily to by some extremely worthless ‘guru’ application tool. It’s all about having the right source of knowledge.

Image courtesy of outlawpoetry.com