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New Business Marketing Gone Wrong


Have you started a new business and you think you have what it takes to become the next global empire? The most important question is can you market? The biggest issue for any failing business is noncompliance with the rules of proper brand marketing. Without a presence in the appropriate waters, your business cannot hope for success.

Customer feedback is more than just support

The best way you can learn what you need to change with your business is to listen to your customers. They know what they want and they will let you know, but only if you listen to them. Constructive criticism can help you, do not take it personally but take is as something that will help you grow and develop.

Surveys and research can help you dwell into and understand marketing. You might think that you understand how people work around you, but more often than not it is better to not rely on just your gut. Gathering research data is the first step, analyzing and extracting is the second step. Once you understand what your customers need, you can work your way into those fields of advertising.

Do not drown you customers with information

Blindly bombarding your customers with data they will neither understand nor need is a bad move. Make everything concise and to the point. Spark their curiosity and make them become adventurers to find out more. Furthermore, make your website not just an information booth, but also an interactive experience.

Making a presence wherever it is possible is usually a good idea. Take every opportunity that can help you market yourself, as it will pay off. Instead of relying on just conventional methods of getting information to your customers, think outside the box.

Be unconventional, interesting, innovative and creative. Just like when planning a birthday party, surprise your customers so that they will be intrigued and happy. Go one step ahead of your competition just with a small investment, print your logo on a pen or a keychain, or make a gift box containing complimentary coffee and promotional mugs. Customers will enjoy this kind of effort and will have an awareness of your presence even in their everyday life.

Social media

Do not just think that being active on social media platforms from time to time will ensure that your customers know what is going on. Engage in social media, follow trends, find prospects and make them find you. Try to make your social media presence more than just a campaign source, interact with your customers.

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However, try to limit your presence on social platforms critical to connecting with your audience, and give a 100% in updating and providing useful information. Taking on too many social media networks is time consuming and as a domineering consequence are limited resources. It is hard to keep up with many activities in a controlled timeframe, rather try to avoid this kind of backfire by staying cautious and prominent on a few social domains.

With modern analytic tools you can also analyze what you are doing wrong or right on social media platforms, this way you can teach yourself to become better at marketing. By analyzing data you collect, you can find when, how and what to target to mark your marketing presence.


Change is inevitable, especially when trying to make your marketing self presence. You need to be able to change quickly, especially if things get boring, and the customers of the new age are used to doing everything fast and effectively. Think along those lines, find out what the new trends are and try to implement them into your marketing tricks.

Do not let your business become boring, make it as interesting and as engaging as possible. Changing creatively will also ensure that your customers keep coming back to find out what is going on.

Marketing is an investment

You are setting your business up to fail if you choose to approach the marketing efforts as an expense. Quitting the action that is not working just right instead of investigating the why and how of the problem, can show as a wrong incentive. Marketing is an always-evolving process requiring a regular, consistent investment in increasing your recognition, brand awareness and domination over competitors.

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