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How to Use Pinterest for Your Business


This guest post is by Daniel Rusling

Pinterest is the new social networking aid for business owners. Following article describes how you can use Pinterest to increase your brand value and revenue.

Social media today is almost synonymous with addiction. The kind of following and time spent on popular social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter, is hardly deniable. Even people who are initially a little weary of getting into the social network find themselves eager and joyous after having tasted the social network platforms.

What is it?


This horizon is now seeing another newcomer with a whole different concept of socializing. This newcomer is named PINTREST. Pinterest is a cork board -style  photo sharing website , which enables the users to make and maintain theme-based picture collections such as events, interests or hobbies.

If you are a Pinterest user, you can browse through the pinboards of other users and get information about whatever they have shared. If you like something, you can even “re-pin” it on your board. It also features other options like “like”, “ mark” etc.  According to the founder, Ben Silbermann, the site aims to connect people of similar tastes, likes and interests, from across the world. This site is managed by Cold Brew Labs which encourages the idea of Sharing. Pinterest claims to be one of the world’s fastest growing social services I that is funded by a small group of entrepreneurs and inventors.

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Pinterest has gained tremendous popularity in the current year. It has also been named as the “startup of the year” for the year 2011. The average number of unique views per day is close to 10 million. The popularity of the site can be gauged by the fact that although it is an “invited only please” kind of a site, there is such a high number of users already.

If you thought this was shocking enough, behold some other awe inspiring fact – the daily use of Pinterest has surpassed that of the existing industry mammoths Google +, YouTube and LinkedIn put together. Although Google + was the largest thing that came about last year, people lost interest in it, immediately after its launch. The popularity of Pinterest could be ascribed to the fact that it appeals to everyone. There’s something for every age group, occupation or interest on it.


Pinterest allows you to find and follow existing users on it. You can start inviting your other friends also once you are a member of it. The numbers dictate the power that this site has. Imagine for a second, if you could make your business accessible by those many people, how vastly will it increase your profitability.

You can share out the photos on your pin board, of your products, and services and give people the opportunity to see how much you can offer. Alternatively, you can put pictures of various designs that you want for your own website and ask people in your circle to suggest what is best. You can also conduct contests to popularize your products.

The opportunities are unlimited. Just make the most out of it. Explore, Click Pictures, Share and Enjoy your road to success!

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