3 Steps to Make Your Social Media Measurable

Make Your Social Media Measureable 1Social Media has become one of the most influential marketing tools for businesses and entrepreneurs in the modern age.

Without it we would still be selling ourselves in the traditional egotistical way of ‘we’re the best’ advertising,rather than being able to explain how or why.

This new online era has helped brands connect with consumers and engage with them on a far more personal level, and as a business this is one of the best forms of marketing.

The trouble comes however, when we overload the social streams with salesy pitches in a rushed effort to ensure we’re seen, without thinking about the consequences.

It’s so easy to overload various social sites with the same message when in reality it could be the same message but formatted in different ways.

Even using this scatter approach may affect your overall marketing, as your customers may not be using those platforms.

Before you begin your social media campaign it’s beneficial to look into each platforms statistics so that you have a clear understanding of where your customers are most likely to be found.

Set A Goal

With any social media campaign set a measurable goal and give a date of when you would like to achieve this by.

This could be anything from more page likes, more post shares, to even more sales and leads through Facebook.

Put a number against your goal so you have an idea of what you need to be hitting.

Using this targeted approach will ensure you’re getting the most from your campaign and give you a clear vision of how you hope to do this.

Plan It

Once you understand what you hope to achieve it’s time to start planning a campaign that will help you reach this goal.

Doing your research as to when is best to post on various social media sites is just one element in the recipe for social success.

Having the tools to help you do this will also increase the conversion rate of your posts.

Sites such as Hootesuite, Tweetdeck or Sprout Social, are all useful for scheduling your activity so that you can plan ahead and not have to worry about posting during your busy day.

Creating a variety of engaging content to include text, images and video, will also keep your followers interested in what you’re doing, and hopefully create the desired reaction.

Whichever content you use just ensure that it’s related to your goal.

Is there a call-to-action to make them pick up the phone?

Is there a link to your site or product that you’re promoting?

Be mindful of what you want your audience to do.

Make social Media Measurable 2

Analyse It

Tracking the success of your social campaign is the only way you’re going to know if all your hard work and effort is paying off.

Reports are available from most of the scheduling tools mentioned above, which can help you analyse which posts have been most popular and which have gained the most interaction.

This can help you to see which types of content your audience prefer, so can improve and amend your campaign accordingly.

Systems such as Google Analytics is one of the most popular methods for tracking website conversions through social sites. However there are also other systems that can track specific numbers related to your social sites so that you can track a phone call after a follower has found you from Facebook.

With so many advances in social media, businesses can embrace these platforms to boost their business without a huge marketing budget. Even small businesses are no longer the under dogs thanks to getting savvy with social media.

Guest post by David A. Walker. Published first at notordinaryblogger.com in February 1st, 2015


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