3 Essential Disadvantages You Will Get From Blogging Business with Free Web Hosting

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‘All expert blogger that I know said that to make money online start it with paid web hosting, not the free one’

This is a real problem that many new blogger face on, include me. Now lets talk the reason first why you should use paid Web Hosting. I am using one of the paid web hosting providers because I trust it for my blog development. I know everyone has their own trust on web hosting provider, just find the best fit for your own needs.

There are many experts tell us why we should not use free web hosting, here are some advantages of getting a Paid Web Hosting:

– You are saved from having a forgettable long web address;
– Your data will be backed up;
– Unlimited Features;
– You have control over your website;
– You will not have to put ads on your site.

Furthermore, many expert bloggers that have made a living from a blog (Darren Rowse from Problogger.net, John Chow from JohnChow.com, Corbet Barr from ThinkTraffic.net and many more) all suggest that you should use paid web hosting if you are serious on business online.

If all the experts say so, there must be something you lose if you not to do so. That is why I come up with this post, and I have found three essential disadvantages if you start your blog with free web hosting;

1. You are Obviously Look Not Serious About Your Business

Your own web hosting give you better images, whether it is your personal or brand images. It is important to keep your image positive through your blog. The very first step of it is through having your own web hosting. It is cost some money, but in the ends it is worhty. You will have your credibility as a professional blogger.

And remember once you start your luck in making money online through PPC (pay per click) ads, that mean you are doing business online. Just ask yourself, are you doing it from free web hosting? If you do, then you should consider to use your own web hosting and start to grow your online business bigger than before.

2. You Will Loose Your Motivation and Additional Knowledge

If you are serious about your online business, then having your own web hosting is a great ways to motivate your own productivity through blog. How this could be? You have to spend some amount of money to have your own web hosting, this could be your investment. And of course you want your investment yields something right? Thus you will make your best efforts to make those yields.

For example I have bought web hosting from Host Gator for 3 years package. Thus I start make a plan on what I want to achieve in the next 3 years using the services. (at this writing, I am having free facilities to transfer my data from wordpress to hostgator). I become more motivated in making blog contents because I do not want to spend my money for nothing. (this is my extra motivation).

Besides that, you will have to deal with the technical things on manage your own website. Doing this will makes you unconsciously become better acknowleged on such a technical matters. I am not an expert on these technical matters, but from my experiences, the live chat services will give a lot of helps to overcome problems that occure during this activity. Prominent web hosting should have 24/7 live chat features that you can use to solve whatever your problem is.

3. You Will Miss Great Opportunities to be Success in Affiliate Programs

All web hosting services that I know provide affiliate program for anyone. Let’s say the two services that most recommended to me, Host Gator and Blue Host. These two provider give an opportunity in making money online through their affiliate program.

Why this is great? One of the most effective way to do affiliate is by using the product. Combine your own experiences with stand-out promotional campaign then you will start to earn your money online. Your experiences as consumer is a precious reference to other people.

In making money through third party advertisement programs such as Adsense, Bidvertiser, Infolinks, or Chitika, using your own web hosting is better than the free one. I have experiences on this. My free blog, born2sell.blogspot.com has managed some third party ads, but it oftenly has a problem, it not displayed properly. But what can you do if you have it for free? If you have your own web hosting, you can make a protest and tell them to fix it as soon as possible.

Finally, Choose the Best Fit for You

Many host providers are available on the world wide web. What you need to do is just pick the best fit with your reasons ‘Why you made a blog/web sites?” If your blog meant for business related activities, paid web hosting would be the fittest for you.

What you need to bare in mind is, what support they offer to you. Before decide which your web hosting you going to use, try to check first on expert reviews. Compare the plus and minus. Finding a host that offers unlimited disk space and bandwidth will be beneficial in the long run as your website grows, don’t forget to make sure if there is any additional charges.

If you take all these and think about them you will notice that people might choose free web hosting because it is just what they need at the moment, but you sure can not or you should not if you are starting a business online.

If you find this post useful why don’t you share it so other could also benefit. I believe you have experienced with your web hosting plans, I would like to hear it, Please share it in comments!

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