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Why My Website is Loading Slowly


There are many reasons why a website loading slowly that makes visitor needs a long time to see the whole site to display. The worst effect of this condition is that your visitors will leave at once and never come back. Visitors will choose to click another website from their search result page that can load fast.

If your website is loading slowly because of the problem on the internet connection there’s not much you can do about it, but if your website is loading slowly because of unnecessary mistakes, there’s much you can do.

Here are the most common reasons why your website is loading slowly.
Heavy theme/template

If you wonder why a website could take much time to load, it could be the template contains many scripts. The number of widgets/gadgets or other accessories in the theme can also burden the ability of a website to load fast. Be selective to decide what widgets to display on your website.

Technical problems on hosting provider

Sometimes there is problem from hosting provider. A website may load slowly when a hosting provider running a backup data on all server, or hosting provider finishing “resolve process” in a country where we accessing it, etc. Such particular things will make a website loading slowly. Make sure you use quality hosting provider.

Your site or your hosting provider being attacked by hacker

When this attack happens time to load can be very long. If your hosting provider able to back up the website, it will take more time for the website to load. Time to load a page will take longer time than usual. Furthermore, you may be able to load just the header of your website. The other part of the website will be white or blank. Once the hacker win, your website will totally black out.

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Slow internet connection

Internet connection has big impact on the speed of the website to load. Sometimes, network operator has technical error even though our internet connection setting is on “the high speed”. When this happens, you will take longer time than usual to access any website.

Hardware’s processor quality

What hardware do you use to access website? Desktop, laptop, or smartphones? Those hardware have different processors with high or low speed. The different kind of processor will give different speed of loading a website.

Why My Website is Loading Slowly?

Understanding these 5 common reasons will make you realizes several things you can do immediately to add more speed. If you have more tips please share with us in comment box below.