Top Fundamental Reasons Great SEO is Great Content


In the view of many beginners who are attempting to make a name for themselves in online markets, the SEO environment seems to be dark, scary and unfriendly.

For some, acknowledging and implementing effective search engine optimization strategy that could give the positive results is a testing project almost as complex as a human mission to the farthest planet.

Why the SEO world is so disturbingly complicated? The answer is not so complicated: when it comes to effective optimization, search engines attain all the right answers, but they aren’t willing to disclose the rules of the game.

SEO Is Evolving Itself at a Fast Pace

An opinion from Eric Enge from Stone Temple Consulting state, algorithm of search engine depends on around 200 aspects to rank pages. Google holds the password to higher rankings while lets users wander around and create many predictions on the latest SEO strategy that really works in 2015. Challenges for SEO experts are greater since search engines are periodically throw out new regulations that revoke the previous one. This mean the SEO tactics that return into $10,000 in 2010 may get you in big problem in the next 3 years.

The two real fact on these practice is “publish and go away” habit then “link buying techniques” to attain top SERPs overnight. At this stage, that path may not give you successful result easily as it was before. It is because SEO always evolve nowadays. Your choice is to adjust to the new SEO policy as reality or sink to the bottom of the competition due to used strategy.

SEO and Content Marketing Shouldn’t be Separated

Today good SEO rely on large measure on outstanding content. Frankly, these parts are united that you shouldn’t attempt to separate. What’s the importance of SEO and content marketing?

SEO describes a specific, more technical niche, while content marketing represents a broader, holistic segment. Apart from these differences, SEO and content marketing perform perfectly well together. You can’t improve the visibility of your landing pages without performing good keyword analysis and developing your copy based on the results of your research. On the flip side, content marketing provides you the power you require to put and use these keywords in a subtle manner, to please the needs of both search engines and human readers. While SEO drives you focus on technical aspects, such as helpful sitemaps, adequate tags and metadata, content marketing circles around the quality of the user experience that you provide to attain through specific, consistant technical optimization. One of the SEO experts, Kissmetric point out that SEO and content marketing oftentimes shingle and you can’t and shouldn’t attempt to have only one of them.

Great Content Consistently Changing Form

Around ten years ago, your priority to win the game was to publish new content everyday in a manner to keep active and visible in the business. Freshness and originality of content are rarely being cared about. Some even copy-paste others as content marketing strategies. Most of the reason behind that manner was lack of time and energy to craft a proper, effective and attractive content marketing as part of particular SEO tactics. In the year 2015 such behavior will end up miserably. The latest SEO content is not too “SEO” that is commonly keyword stuffed. Modern great SEO is well prepared for the reader, pass through enough research, valid source and clear focus especially on what viewer wants and needs for their problems.

Copywriting Skill is Crucial Part of Great SEO Content

At this point you should have agreed toward the correlation between content marketing and SEO. If you look deeper into the two aspects you might realize the utmost pillar that highly support these two arsenals: copywriting skill.

A case study provided by ExpressWriter : “The Power of Copywriting and Content Marketing” shows that firm tactics embracing guest blogging and SEO has outranked 95% competitors.

They organize to provide 2000 word content every week and around 5 other contents to distribute to the most important players in the business such as SEM Rush, Content Marketing Institute and Search Engine Journal. Only from Google Keywords give them more than 500 unique visitors daily. Keeping in mind the work of strategic content marketing cooperate with SEO is crucial aspects that make them strong in the competition.

Modern SEO Errors Many People Never Realize Before

Let me emphasize one more time that modern SEO is always evolving as fast as every niche you ever think to jump in. Just because you have moved forward in content marketing doesn’t mean SEO will not developing itself and the competitors stay to watch. In this perception, it is important to realize that you can put your life lesson into SEO, experience is the best teacher. Try to remember what mistakes you do recently in term of SEO strategies. Let’s find out the most outdated, common, outdated and very dangerous SEO tricks that you need to stop right away.

Scheming Guest Blogging

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For quite some time, guest blogging has been utilized as a proven method to create long-term relationship with industry leaders, develop audiences, handle adjacent markets, and improve rankings and online popularity. There’s saying “Everything’s good until it goes bad”. Learn from the saying, there’s a fact right now that writing a guest post is deemed as a shortcut to many companies in gaining vast link to target mass traffic without putting any awareness on the quality of the writing. Such approach will end up with search engine penalties thesedays. For your consideration, here are 4 negative elements of guest blogging you don’t want to include easily because they could give you punishment from search engines:

  • Low quality content
  • No correlation between links coming to your site and the content you are giving
  • Optimized anchors
  • No additional value within the content for the readers
  • Over-Optimized Content

Some believe that repeated keyword within the content will boost the SEO result. Actually it is waste of time to do such thing. Over-optimized content has no or little value and tend to fail educate readers.

If you were put the same words within content to over optimize it such “pest control”, “best pest control”, “pest control in Florida” repeatedly it is awkward in a sense of getting information. Such content will not give real information to viewers, it will not throw a new opinion on hot topics, encouraging interaction among audiences and never wish to get valuable feedback. It is a type of automatic speech that you should abandon though it is for free. Not only it will never give you any favor but also endanger your good relationship with search engine. It is always better to rewrite your substances and rethink it to ensure it flows naturally in overall reader-experience.

Stuffed Anchors

If you try to stuffed anchors with preferred keyword in 2015 that mean you are asking search engine to punch your nose directly. Stuffed anchors mean anchor words associating the keyword that you are attempting to win for at search result pages. Actually this strategy was highly favorable by many people back then until Google clearly state within their guidelines as follow:

The following are examples of link schemes which can negatively impact a site’s ranking in search results:

  • Buying or selling links that pass PageRank. This includes exchanging money for links, or posts that contain links; exchanging goods or services for links; or sending someone a “free” product in exchange for them writing about it and including a link,
  • Excessive link exchanges (“Link to me and I’ll link to you”) or partner pages exclusively for the sake of cross-linking,
  • Large-scale article marketing or guest posting campaigns with keyword-rich anchor text links,
  • Using automated programs or services to create links to your site

If this is not in Google’s favor, should you avoid it?

Neil Patel from QuickSprout through his post “5 SEO Techniques You Should Stop Using Immediately” gives option concerning anchors. He revealed that there are three safe types of anchors comprising naked links, long phrases and branded links. You can successfully put anchors within your SEO strategies by including natural kind of anchors not the one with stuffed keywords.

Building Vast of Low Quality Links

Modern SEO tend to emphasize on quality rather than quantity. Although risk-takers might be enjoy benefits through buying links tactics as a cheap and easy job to gain SEO goals, the fact that this technique can sink your site into the bottom of the sea particularly if you are linking to a source with a low Domain Authority or you take a vast of controversial links in a relatively short of time.

Ways to Rank Top at Content Marketing and SEO

Now you are already identifying all the dangerous SEO tricks that you may have used recently. At this point, maybe you are wondering how to clean up the mistake. If you are focusing to do this, here are some expert recommendations you can think about:

  1. Prioritize on Keyword Research for Good Content. I believe you are already acknowledging the benefits of research before creating content. There are plenty of free tools available out there that are just a click away. Maybe you are depending on the service of SEO Company that gives you list of relevant keywords based on request. What you perhaps not realize is that content analysis is as paramount as keyword research that you do often in business online. Good content research starts with a proper understanding of the audiences. What substance your audience wants to know from you, what type of solution you should publish to become best assistance and relevant with your niche. Spend some time to research and choose high-demanded topic that correlate with your knowledge and passion that eventually match your audience and your brand.
  2. Fresh, Evergreen Content and Consistency are Necessary. In a previous blog post, you will understand just how crucial it is to count on a proper supply of fresh content with evergreen topics. At some stage, when most of your content suppliers are on holidays and literally nothing fresh and interesting is happening on in your niche, you still have to feed your communication with your audiences. In modern content marketing environment, you just can’t afford to do nothing; this is when evergreen content plays pivotal role for your business. Hence, it would be mistake to create your content strategy circle only around evergreen substance. Instead, attempt to view fresh content as the foundation of your content marketing plan. Apply online tools to explore and respond new market trends, transform client testimonials into high quality posts, and search through local news to find accountable, absorbing and diverse information that may increase the interest of your audiences.
  1. Produce Content that Works Excellent in Direct Answers/Vertical Search. Google is also working vertical search engines that focus one particular subject, rather than targeting on a wide range of interest and topics. This vertical segment is introducing mostly images, videos and local news. As Search Engine Land also reveals on this subject, by promoting and producing content that is crawled in vertical search engines you could improve your odds of success even when your existing content is not performing well. Also, based on the same source, you could rely on the same level of assistance from search engines by producing content that can emerge in Google’s Direct Answer page. Nevertheless, sites that are being publish as direct answer resources attain credit in the form of backlinks. This easy act could increase your website traffic, broaden your online visibility and consolidate your reputation.
  1. Emphasize on Authoritative Content. One fact you need to remember in modern SEO is that no crystal ball can assist you predict and understand the way of existing algorithms or guest the formulas of new updates that may shock the SEO world. These is absolutely why you should spend less time testing latest SEO tricks and create more authoritative and high quality content. Abandon yesterday’s set of rules, which are no longer applicable and safe today, and make impactful content that encourage instant feedback from your readers. Be smart, helpful, engaging and unique. On the other side, aim for great lengths to spread your content pieces through a vast variety of online platforms. A post published by Entrepreneur reflects an outdate truth that you may have been overlooked for long time: search engines apply social signals to confirm your authority; this is one of the important background why you should emphasize for no less than viral content that could stole the interest of media outlets and industry influencers and increase your level of exposure.
  1. Rich Multimedia Content is Important. Visually attractive content is valuable assets that can assist you validate yourself as a savvy thought influencers. Blogging doesn’t and shouldn’t end your efforts to produce a few paragraphs and publishing them on your website every day. Today’s audiences are much more attracted in a good mix of different forms of content, including infographics, videos, podcasts, slideshows, eBooks, and many more. The same applies for search engines. Google likes rich multimedia content. As recommend recently, search engines value diverse and interactive content much more than general written content. Furthermore, additional substances (images, infographics and videos) can broaden the appeal of your content, encouraging readers to make it viral. Here’s one other factor that you should considerate: the media that you use can support your optimization strategy. For instance, by involving keywords into the names of your images and videos you could back your own SEO efforts.

Great Content Save You from Exhausting SEO War

How can you survive with the never-ending struggle of transformation applied by search engines and offer your audiences a memorable user experience? Begin with improving your content. Think harder with your colleague (if any) to locate new interesting subject, distribute quality news, freshly squeezed, move from plain writing to a excellent mix of multimedia and utilize all tool in the Google-approved SEO toolbox to shift your blog posts, or website articles to a whole new level.

In case, for some reason or another, you think that the journey to great content creation is rough and overly complicated, start to think to hire a team of professional writers who can assist you attain the perfect combination of content marketing and SEO and place it to good use to optimize your online presence and profits.