Windows vs Apple Mobile Operating Systems Comparison

Windows vs Apple

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Two of the major operating systems on the market are Apple’s iOS and Microsoft’s Windows Phone. These super popular companies have been competing for years, presenting new features to make their operating systems better and more desired. However, there are many fans of both of the providers and it’s still hard to decide which one is better. iOS 7 is a new operating system and it is surely one of the leaders. It runs on Apple devices, such as iPod, iPhone, Apple TV and iPad. Microsoft’s Windows Phone with its newest Windows Phone 8 operating system, which runs on mobile devices, such as tablets and smartphones, is among the best ones too. iOS 7 was released on September 18 this year and Windows 8 – on October 17. Let’s check out some of the key comparison aspects of both operating systems.

Windows Phone 8 vs iOS 7 – Phones

Currently there are six models that work with iOS 7. Some of them are 8GB iPhone 4S and iPhone 5S. For the moment, windows operates several Nokia models and two HTCs. One of the disadvantaged of Windows Phone 8 is that the different models perform pretty much the same, while their prices differ greatly.

According To Apps

Undoubtedly, iOS 7 is the winner here. In the past five years the app store of Apple has collected over 900 thousand apps to chose among. If there is an idea for an app that comes to your mind, most probably you will be able to find such an app there. The number of possibilities in the app store of Windows is much smaller – only 170 thousand. This wouldn’t be an issue if you find there the apps that suit your wished best but in case you want to have a lot of choice, iPhone is right for you.

According To Features

Both platforms are secure and offer great environment. Both guarantee excellent quality.

Microsoft developed an upgraded version of Windows 8, Windows 8.1., which is actually the same but has some extra features. It’s made specially for energy-saving ARM tablets. This comes with better application portability between Windows 8 to Phone and the other way around. Hardware support is always developed. Windows Phone 8 can function with 64 processor cores and 1280×768-pixel screens. Another advantage is the fact that it gives the possibility for a micro-SD slot.

Tiles of Windows 8 can have three shapes – rectangle, square and and a smaller square. This allows you to have more apps displayed without needing to swipe. Windows Phone 8 uses the same Start Screen as Windows 8. This means that there’s this one platform that operates on all Windows devices – PCs, tablets, smartphones and laptops. Except for high resolution and a fast processor and micro-SD, Windows Phone 8 also supports  NFC sharing, Internet Explorer 10, Nokia Maps and Wallet.

As for iOS 7, in Apple they have been a bit more reticent about making many changes. However, iOS 7 includes many great features too. Its Control Centre offers access to WiFi, Bluetooth and Flight Mode. It also offers 3D effects when you open or close an application. Unfortunately, you can’t customize the 3D effect.

You have to be either an Apple or Microsoft fan in order to choose undoubtedly which platform you like the most. Both companies offer great improved operating systems that are easy and pleasant to work with.

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