Why Has No One Clicked My Adsense

The most basic questions of adsense’s publisher is why has no one clicked my adsense. Publishing adsense ads in a website is the most common ways webmaster can do to make money from website. All you need is make a blog, register in adsense program and put the code on your blog.

May be you have followed all tips to increase adsense revenue but still no one clicked your adsense. If you are wondering why no one clicked your adsense, these are the most possible reasons based on my own experiences.

Top 5 Reasons No One Clicked Your Adsense

You are in a highly competitive niche

Highly competitive niche means there are many other adsense publishers. The number of publishers in particular niche can affect the number of clicks you get.

Some of those high competitive niche are make money online, online business, electronic, gaming, etc. People will get used to see all the ads thus only small number of them will probably click on some of the ads.

You are putting ads in the wrong place

Actually there are no fixed formulas to decide which location is best to put ads in a website but we can use a common sense.

In general reading, headline is the first thing readers see or the upper side of a website. If adsense banner place on this location it is certain that it gain the most views. The more people see the more curious they are to click it.

The other location is on the left side of the content. If you able to put adsense ads align with the content you are increasing the click-through-ratio of your adsense ads. Because content is what visitor looking for of a website. Ads inside the content area will get better chance of click than that is of the sidebar.

Why left? It is because our habit to read from left to right. If adsense ads place on the left side it will attract attention of the visitors. Adsense ads are made to be clicked all you need to do as publisher is to make it viewed by many people. People will pay more heed to ads on the left side because our eyes always begin from left to start reading.

One thing to remember is that never put too many ads in one place. Content is what visitor looking for from our website not the ads. Unless you have very popular website, it is wise to place only a few adsense ad in our website.

Type of Ads

Give a combination of adsense ads in your website to increase the chance of revenue. Common types of ads are banner and text.

Use both banner and text wisely so that visitors will not get bored viewing it.

Understand your Visitors

Google analytics provides us important feature. A feature that can tell you what are the interests of your visitors. If we can provide ads that is correlated with their interest, the chance is, more people will click your adsense ads.

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Low traffic

It is absolute that the number of visitors can impact your adsense revenue. The more traffic your website gets the better chance your adsense revenue increases. Make sure you are update with traffic generation strategies.

Remember that the number of traffic will increase the chance of high revenue. It is not a guarantee. This is why :

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Why Has No One Clicked Your Adsense?

That’s all the tips I can share. Becoming adsense publisher is a kind of online business. You have to be responsive in analyzing visitor behavior and creative to manage banner placement around website.



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