Why Does My Blog Not Qualify for Adsense

Why My Blog Does Not Qualify AdsenseMany people are getting interested about making money from their blog by joining the Google Adsense program, but they don’t know how it all accomplishes.

Many webmaster today install Google Adsense to make money off their blogs. It has been witnessed that the blogs which are equipped by useful contents will success this advertisement network. Many bloggers make a blog and request it for Adsense approval even if they haven’t developed it properly.  You will have a big NO for the answer for your request.

Google Adsense doesn’t approve all the blogs which comes for it. It first evaluate the blog thoroughly if Google finds it attractive, up to mark and creative then he approves it elseways it will be dropped.

But if I already do all the things needed to get approved then Google rejects my blog, why does my blog not qualify for adsense? This is big question in mind for many bloggers out there.

Top 6 Rarely Known Reasons Your Blog Not Qualify for Adsense

Age Restriction

Of course this reason is very basic. You need to comply with Google Rules about age when you considering to apply Google Adsense Program, you have to be 18 years of age or older. Violating this will result in rejection.

Time Eligibility of Your Blog to Be Approved

There’s information that in some countries a site age has to be at least six months to pass “time eligibility” of Google Adsense approval. This mean in some other countries you can request Google Adsense approval even with your newborn blog. The best bet you should take is to be patient and give more time for your blog to published more quality contents after six months before applying for Google Adsense approval. Time eligibility is Google’s effort to guarantee the quality of their advertising network and safe the interest of their advertisers and current publisher.

Ensure the Originality of Your Content

Google Adsense program has strict regulation in approving new request. Ensure your blog not hosting full of unoriginal contents. Publishing unoriginal contents is definitely violating the Adsense Program Policies and also the Google Webmaster Guidelines. You need to put your creativity to develop a site with unique, compelling and original contents.

Be careful in making content on your blog to ensure you are not violating Google rules. Sometimes we don’t realize using images from internet that has copyright in it, although your text is completely unique and engaging. Google will see you violate his guideline if you do this practice.

If you are unsure of how copyright works or if you are having difficulties to follow the rules then it is best to create your own images. Furthermore, even excluding copyright matters, Google AdSense tends to choose unique content. They seem to be fine with several legal images which are copies but when it applies to the most and a significant part of the your blog then that becomes a problem.

The Way You Use Your Language in Content

What I mean with the use of language is to avoid bad phrase or bad language in publishing your content. You should not carelessly on the use of your language within your blog. You may not publish adult topic but if your blog contain too many “bad language”, Google bot may think it as violation. It may best to avoid such language if you wish to be approved by Google Adsense.

This precaution should also apply in future. If you overlook on this aspect, there is chance Google Adsense will suspend your account for violation purpose. Be sure to minimize the use of bad language within your blog in your future post.

Use Unmodified Theme is Best Bet to Qualify for Adsense

Sometimes bloggers are curious enough to make some modification within their themes or templates. You will get some problem when you modified your blog theme/template then try to apply for Google Adsense program. There is big CHANCE you will be rejected. Make sure your use your normal theme/template when thinking to apply for Google Adsense.

Adsense on Youtube is Exclusive

If you already have adsense account through youtube, you will be having some trouble to apply it for blogger. It might say “your blog does not qualify for adsense”. If this happen to you, the only thing you can do is to upgrade your blog to your own domain (not free version of blogger).

Your adsense approval on Youtube can only be used in YouTube not in other Google Network. In order to enable your Youtube adsense being publish in a blog your need to upgrade your Youtube Host Account into regular account. Once your upgrade finished you are going to need top level domain (.com, .net, or anything as long as selfhosted, not free blog version)

Remember that Google Adsense only allow you to have one Adsense account. Once you have it (even if you are already sign up from YouTube) you do not need to have another one. You can submit any blogs you like with your single Adsense account. If your request being approved you can diversify the places to publish adsense ads to earn bigger revenue.


Just because your blog doesn’t break guidelines does not mean it’s guaranteed to be approved into the AdSense program. The rules are simply a guideline for fast rejection, beyond that, Google has absolute right (and often does) whether to approve or to reject site on any number of requirements whether or not to partner with them. Google’s right might be based on anything from the codebase/template of the web site being spiderable or scanable by their crawlers to majority topic coverage if such topics are overload or recognized for fraud or low quality traffic.

The best ways to guarantee your blog qualify for adsense are to focus on several aspects as follow:

  • Diversify your site traffic sources such as search engine marketing, social media traffic, blog commenting, or guest blogging. This will increase your quality of site traffic.
  • Create quality contents in regular basis. This kind of content will make reader engage and make it goes viral which mean more visitors will come. Google will see this sign as “interesting” and will consider your site as one of their publishers.
  • Don’t overdo themes/template modification. Choose wisely on every template you are going to use to your blog. Don’t modify it often or else your request for adsense going to be rejected because Google crawler will find it difficult to scan your site.


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