Why My Website is not Showing on Google

All bloggers wish their website showing on google instantly once they hit publish button. Everyone knows google is great source for unlimited website traffic that is why people try their best to show on the first page of google search. Showing up on google search result page can be crucial for online business owners because the grow of their business depends much on the traffic from search engine (usually this kind of traffic is highly targeted that is most likely create conversion)


If you are having question in mind “why my website is not showing on Google?” then these could be the reason :

1 You are waiting for Google to Come to Your Website

It is rather difficult for a new website to get indexed fast in google search result page. If you have a new website and several content in it, don’t wait for Google to come to your website.

Sign your new website using Google Webmaster Tools. This way you can tell Google there is “new website on the block”. Once you do the sign up process Google will crawl your website to learn on keywords to be indexed on their search result pages.

2 You Neglect to Ping the Search Engine

Another way to make Google notice about your website is through ping. Pingomatic is prominent place to do just that. Don’t do this too often or search engine will deem you as spam. Once in two weeks would be good to set for your routine pinging activity.

3 You are too Lazy to Create New Content

Create new content regularly is highly important to make Google loves your website. Even an online store can make such update by displaying new products. New contents mean new resources for Google to offers the information seekers.

4 Your Website Content is Not Unique/Original

Google will put unique and original content on top of other contents. This is how Google pay your hard work as blogger.

5 You are Not Social Enough

Social signal is important to give more leverage to your website. If you want to make your website showing on Google, make sure you have G+ account and share your website content in your circle so that more people now about the new contents.

Facebook, twitter, linkedin and Pinterest are also great social place to give your website some weights in the eyes of Google. Pick some of social media that work best for you and focus on them.

6 You Don’t Like to Comment

If you have spare times, it is wise to do blog commenting. It is beneficial activity amongst bloggers. There’s a chance your comment get indexed by the search engine thus your comment link will appear for sure to increase your website popularity in search engine.

Make sure you are not doing these 6 mistakes that make your website not showing on Google search result page. Visit from search engine is important but it doesn’t mean everything for your website growth. You can increase your website popularity through social media and email marketing. If you don’t know why your website is not showing on Google, make sure to focus on making high quality content because quality makes Google love your website. Good luck.


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