How to Reward Top Performers of the Year in Your Company

How to Reward Top PerformersThis guest post is by AlphaOnlineShop

If you own a business or enterprise and you want to reward your employees there are a number of different ways you can go about doing it. In the first instance with jobs scarce thanks to the economic recession, employee loyalty has become even more important. In addition to this, if you have workers who have been with you for a considerable period of time you may want to reward them. Thanks to loyal service everyone needs a little bit of recognition from time. Check out below just some of the ways you can reward top performers.

Gift vouchers

One way of rewarding is through offering your best performers a range of gift vouchers. In this way you can have the chance to award a wide variety of gift cards tailored to your employee’s particular interest. This includes the likes of;

  • Across a number of different stores and retail outlets.
  • Online shops.
  • Hotels.
  • Restaurants.
  • Beauty products.
  • Perfume or aftershave.


Another way in which you can reward your employees is through providing flights. They may have their eye on going somewhere special or have been saving up for a long time. Therefore by offering them flights, you can give them the chance to enjoy a totally different location. Destinations you could buy flights for include;

  • Australia.
  • Italy.
  • Greece.
  • Portugal.
  • United States.
  • South Africa.
  • Brazil.
  • Argentina.
  • Denmark.
  • France.
  • Germany.
  • Spain.

Experience days

There is no better feeling than buying something for your employee that they can do for the whole day. Why not get them an experience day which will give them the thrills and spills not to mention adventure they might be seeking. On the other hand there are a wide variety of thrill seeking adventures to choose from such as;

  • Ferrari driving experiences round a host of renowned race tracks.
  • Golf days.
  • Zorbing.
  • Zip line adventures.
  • Racing Formula 1 cars around three laps of a track.
  • Racing vintage cars.
  • Paintballing.
  • Clay pigeon shooting


Aside from giving plaques to employees in order to reward service, you can even give them some nice wine. This is not only as a sign of recognition but also their loyal trust and service to your particular company. Do your research and invest wisely in a range of wines including;


  • Vintage wines from a vineyard which is steeped in history.
  • A wine which comes all neatly wrapped in a presentation box.
  • A case of mid-price wine fit for any particular social occasion or gathering.

Gift hamper

If your employees are genuine foodies then you can always invest in giving a gift hamper. This will certainly go down well with your worker especially if they have a real passion for food. Meanwhile, you can have the ability to choose from a wide range of online food stores and department stores providing unique hampers containing an extensive range of unique treats such as;

  • A range of meats.
  • Fine pates and foie gras.
  • Different types of premium condiments from jams to chutneys.
  • High end chocolate from a wealth of artisan makers.
  • Seasonal goodies including Spanish hams and Christmas pudding.
  • Luxury teas and coffees.

Days off

One of the best things that you can give hard working employees is of course some holiday or free time. By rewarding them in this manner it shows some recognition for all their dedication to the company. This will ensure they are fully recharged whilst at the same time making sure they retain their value as employees.

Afternoon tea

Rewarding top performers with an indulgent afternoon tea is also considered to be an ideal way of showing them how valuable they are. You can have the ability to select from a wide variety of venues not to mention hotels where afternoon tea is served. Let them take advantage of calming surroundings and enjoy the day to relax and unwind. Here, your employees can benefit from;

  • A diverse range of teas from around the world.
  • Delicate finger sandwiches from roast beef to egg and cress.
  • A delicious array of scones.
  • Fresh pastries and miniature cakes.

The way in which you can reward top performers can prove to be a minefield sometimes. However with a little thought and care you can come up with the perfect gift to maintain employee loyalty and show your appreciation.

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