Online Shopping Security

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More and more people all over the world are making purchases on the Internet, but all “Active users” Associations remind that this increases the risks of making the users victims of fraud and misuse of credit cards, or provide them with low-quality goods or have their rights violated. Usually the people who have no experience because they are just entering the global network are most vulnerable.

Online Shopping Security

There are thousands of fake websites that appear on the Internet for a short time in order to make quick profits and disappear leaving their customers with nothing. Do not be mistaken – the fact that a certain website looks good does not necessarily mean that the company is legitimate and everything about it is the way it should be.

So, in order to prevent frauds when purchasing some products online, you need to be absolutely certain in the reliability of the website which you use. There are several ways to check if the website you are going to make a purchase from guarantees your security or not:

Choosing a safe online store

There are several ways to check if the online store you are planning to use is legitimate and safe. First, look at the URL of the website. The URLs of the websites that have no problems with security and encrypt your personal data in order to keep them safe from any third parties always start with https:// instead of with the standard http://.

Also, always check other customers’ opinions on the Internet and make sure that the website has a Feedback section, as well as a Contact page with working e-mail and telephone number. Another very important aspect of the reliability of the online store is to check the paying methods it provides you with. If the website offers you to use a PayPal account or a bank transfer the statements and documents from such payments can be used as a proof of purchase. The same applies for payments via Western Union, MoneyBookers and other offline electronic money transfer systems.

What should you know before making the purchase?

Before booking a service or buying something from an online store, always remember to check the Terms and Conditions of the website, as well as the shipping policy of the website. The best way to do that is to contact the telephone operators of the company and ask them everything you are interested in. However, always to communicate via e-mail – this will not only save you additional costs but you will also have a written affirmation. Do not forget to ask if they will provide you with a tracking number of the purchase, which you can use in order to check online where the shipment is.

After the purchase

Always require a confirmation of your purchase and payment with an e-mail up to 24 hours after you have made the purchase. You must get an e-mail with some data about the shipment – details about the product, its price, the addresses of the sender and the recipient, as well as the payment method you have chosen. This applies to both local and foreign websites. A great number of online stores also have a call center and the operatives working there call in order to confirm your purchase. Many companies also have an internal status of your purchase, which you can check in order to trail your shipment.

Let’s revise once again what information you are supposed to get after making an online purchase in order to be sure everything about your online shopping security is intact:

  • A written confirmation that you have made a purchase
  • A written confirmation about the overall price of your purchase
  • A written notification explaining how you can track your shipment and how the delivery is supposed to happen
  • A written confirmation about the payment method you have chosen

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