Measuring Profits of Ramen Noodle Business

Ramen Noodle BusinessIndonesia has large number of Janapanesse food fanbase though they are relatively smaller than those in Europe or United States. Distinguished menu, such as ramen for instance, has stolen the heart of Indonesian people. This is why Osaka Ramen established in 2013 in Depok, West Java, Indonesia.

Rahadi Basuki, the owner of Osaka Ramen explained that he has started the ramen noodle business by selling the ingredients of ramen noodle and successfully maintain loyal customers, about 20 partners. After about one year run the business, Rahadi open his own outlet, Osaka Ramen started to offer partnership this year. Investor required to submit US$2,000 fund.

The investment fund needed to provide portable outlet resembling the real ramen outlet in Japan. Partner will also receive complete set of cooking tools, basic ingredients, promotional tools, recipes, training and uniforms.

As an investor you have to prepare employee and location. Normally two employees needed to run the ramen noodle business properly while the best place to set up is near the office buildings, people residences or other center of attractions.

In the first beginning of the venture, investor could expect to sell about 30 to 50 portions daily for a month. After three or four months the minimum sales could be 50 portions daily. The sales can reach $3,000 a month after three months running with price for a portion of ramen $2

The expenses for the ingredients can reach $1,500. Partner oblige to buy those ingredients through Osaka Ramen. Rent expense could reach $100 a month while salary expense $500 (for two employees). The operational expenses might reach $100. With all the expense, investor’s nett profit could be $850 a month.

The return of investment in this business is 7 to 8 months. The sales will not be maximum in the first three months or in the promotional campaign periods. The best promotional campaign is “buy one get one” or “discount price”. Customers will be interested to try for this special offers.

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