Following the Moolah’d Trail and Why This New Online Buy-and-Sell Business Will Succeed

For new online buy-and-sell business, Moolah’d the main challenge is to be different and for just a few months since its soft launch, it has already delivered. What makes Moolah’d different from other online buy-and-sell sites? And what makes it the prime players in this cutthroat scene in the near future?

Following the moolah trail is a good idea, first and foremost and we’ve found out a few things why and how Moolah’d can and will work:

Sellers Feedback System

“Each individual product or service listing will also have its own feedback which affects a user’s overall positive feedback score on their profile.”

This is a welcome feature for the hesitant but potential buyers. This feedback system which will add up (or deduct) scores of the individual accounts will serve as an easy, one-look guide for the reputation of the would-be seller. Obviously, the trust factor is one of the considerations high in the list of the buyers and the systematic feedback system is a step in the right direction in establishing this trust.

User-Friendly Website, Innovative Design

Upon visiting the Moolah’d site, registered users are directed at user’s profile page featuring the account balance, feedback/feedback score and summary of listings (past/pending transactions, etc). In the home page, there’s a list of featured products/featured services— popular items for sale by the most reputable users in the site. There’s also a solid search feature from any page in the website for users to find their desired product/service.

Friendly Rates, Minimal Charges

Posting products/services is free of charge at Moolah’d while all successful transactions– products/services successfully sold and delivered via the site– will have charges (or called trading fees) from 5% (sales from $1,000+ items); 6% (sales from $500+ to $1,000 items); and 7% (sales from $0.01 to $500 items). After successful deals between buyer and seller, funds are immediately credited to the sellers’ account and reflected in the account balance of that user.

Not the Usual Online Buy-and-Sell Business

Finally, Moolah’d is not the typical online marketplace. It is the place for people to buy and sell products but additionally users can also make requests for these merchandise plus rare of rare online services and necessary tools for the online businessman. While others offer the usual products—from tech, fashion and other personal stuff—Moolah’d takes it a bit further and offer services not offered in other online marketplace.

To show this versatility, Moolah’d prides itself as the front-runners in taking care of internet marketers. Aside from listing the personal stuff for shopping (think Ebay and the likes), Moolah’d takes it to the next level offering affiliate programs, newsletters, marketing tools (SEO, PPC, content creation, etc) and analytics.

Moohlad’s has the slogan, “The Global Marketplace for Everything”— after signing-up at the site, online shoppers and marketers will realize that it’s more than a tagline, it’s a guarantee.

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James Patrick Quizon is an editor and writer providing online content and press releases for various websites including International Business Times (IBT) Australia, Asian Poker Tour (APT) and Moolah’d. He has also worked as a script writer and producer for television and radio since 2005.

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