Keyword Density : Friend or Foe ?

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Keyword density is important knowledge for bloggers. You need to well implement it to your regular update post.

It’s not just a matter of SEO (Search Engine Optimization), blog traffic, returning visitor or chance to make money online, it’s more to show your credibility as blogger.

Consistency is a good start to show how serious you are with your blogging business

But one of the bloggers brick is content updates. This post idea come from a great discussion from one of my fellow blogger post that I had read. From all of the comments I saw there were two groups with all the great insight within this topic. I can say it’s a debate and it so a live.

From that discussion I just realized that many start-up bloggers found SEO stuff as distractions, particularly if you talk about keyword density to obtain best SEO result in search engine. Now let’s take a look at the two group standings.

The pros vs the cons

I think there is always two side in seeing a thing. I am not trying to say which side is the right or the wrong one, I prefer to brainstorm about it.

Let’s See What the Con’s Said

In my summary, this group stated that keyword density is just a distraction that hold back your creativity and freedom in writing some article for your own blog.

I can understand this because I ever feel that way. For first time blogger, all you have is a great spirit and believe of success. You will swear to yourself that you must make tons of contents in short of time, to obtain the best SEO of your blog.

But as time goes by everything seems little bit difficult when you have to made loads of contents yet in the same time aware the keyword density stuff. It’s like being watched while you are writing thus there will be no freedom for your creativity.

Now Let’s Take a Look at the Pro’s

The pro’s always emphasize the needs of keyword density to sustain the blog for the long term, moreover for business purposes.

The density matters, frankly speaking  it will ultimately rise creativity! It is common that a good post with good keyword density should look natural, in the end you need to cultivate more of your creativity to combine keyword density and the “natural sense” in a single post.

Final statement from this group was that keyword density encouraged blogger creativity to make a stand-out post, though sometimes it will take more times to create a single one. But it is worth it.

The Risk of Abundance Keyword Density

If you wondering why blogger should have creativity in making a blog post, moreover correlated with keyword density, here is information from :

“… But the only way to make sense of an appropriate frequency is via the ratio of those keywords to the rest of the content, so density is still a metric you need. In other words, the only way to tell if your repetition of keywords is super or spammy is to measure that frequency against the overall length of the content. A keyword density greater than 5.5% could find you guilty of what’s called keyword stuffing, which tends to make Google think you’re trying to trick them … “

So, in some way keyword density could be a blogger brick in the blogging journey.

Which Side Are You?

If you can apply the keyword density naturally in your post that will support the long run development of your own blog. But the key to have this ability is practice. Thus you are going to need some time until you enjoy it.

If you think keyword density could hold your creativity down then leave it, making new contents for update is more important than just a keyword density percentage in a single post. If you think you are ready to master it, then start to learn it and practice it in your writing activity. Take someone else advise for it. You can ask … “How is it? Is it weird? Or Is it natural enough?”.

As time goes by I believe your writing skills will improve, you will enjoy your writing until you won’t realize that you have well-implemented keyword density strategy in your own posts.

In the end, I can’t say keyword density is a friend or foe … for me it’s an ally. It will become a blogger brick in the beginning phase but after some time you will unconsciously enjoy your writing which include keyword density in it. It’s a matter of time, all you can do is just practice and practice.

At some point keyword density could hold your back creating a single post but at another point it could be a good strategy for content marketing.

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So how about you, how important is keyword density in your blog post? I would love to hear how you manage your keyword density within your blog posts. Please leave your comments below.

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