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Are You A Huge Fan? Then Start Your Own Collection!


Huge Fan Sports MemorabiliaHuge Fan Sports MemorabiliaThis guest post is by Paul Cook

Do you love sports? Or music?Or some TV celebrity? Or some film? Then you must certainly love the idea of possessing signed memorabilia! Not really sure what that is? No worries, keep reading and by the end of this article you will be ready to start your very own collection of precious autographed and signed memorabilia!

What is Signed Memorabilia?

Memorabilia comes from Latin and it means memorable things or objects. These are basically collector’s items that are financially valuable because of either their significance in some occurrence or because they have been autographed. Signed memorabilia, as the name implies, are objects that have been signed by some celebrity or famous personality. One example is sports memorabilia, which refers to a memento, token or a souvenir of some particular sporting event or athlete.

The worth and value of memorabilia items increase if they are signed or autographed. The monetary value is even higher if the particular object has been used by some famous personality, team or was used in an event. This means that not only would you be fulfilling your hobby of collection, but also investing in items that are rare and worth a lot of money. But it is important to be absolutely sure about the authenticity and originality of the object before it can be resold to another collector.

As mentioned above, signed memorabilia has high monetary value, but that is not the aim of a true collector. A fan has sentimental or emotional ties to the object and that is what marks its importance for them.


Sporting memorabilia isn’t the only option when you want to collect mementos. If you are into films, TV shows or music, then you have the option of becoming a devoted collector of these treasured tokens. Before starting your very own signed memorabilia collection, you have to make up your mind about which collection you want to start. Here are some options you can choose from:

Music Memorabilia

Like sports, music memorabilia also have a huge following. Avid fans collect everything from signed photos to action figures and posters. Depending on what you like, you can either collect some singer or band’s general photos or you can make your own signed music autograph collection of one particular personality you love. Remember one thing though, if you judge in terms of money, then anything that follows the career of a music personality is likely to be more valuable than one that is related to their personal life.

Of course the choice is totally up to you.

Film Memorabilia

Film memorabilia covers everything related to the cinematic line, be it costumes, props, script, or advertising posters. In recent times, many films have started their own cult followings where they sell signed memorabilia via independent sources like online websites or auctions. Again, the choice of collection is completely up to you. You can choose to collect memoirs of some famous film, actor, director or all of them. Did you know that the chest X-ray of Marilyn Monroe was sold in 2010 for $45,000? So yes, you can buy anything and everything!

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Just be sure to buy your memorabilia from an authentic source.

TV Memorabilia

TV memorabilia includes TV shows like cooking shows, reality shows, drama series and others. Like film memorabilia, you can collect whatever you think you want to follow. Just be sure to pick objects that are original and signed by real celebrities. Otherwise, you would find yourself paying a lot for something that actually has no value in the collectors’ world.

Royal Memorabilia

This does not specifically mean mementos of the actual royal family. All celebrities and famous personalities come under this category. The collection could range from personal items like clothes, personal autographs or jewelry pieces, or things that signify their career growth like posters, signed pictures, books, etc. By far, these signed memorabilia are the ones that are collected in huge numbers even by those who are not collectors but just regular fans.

When you start your own collection, you could begin this way and then branch out to make your very own collection specialty.

Want an Original Collection? Opt for Authenticity

Now that you have been introduced to the captivating world of signed memorabilia, you can start thinking about starting your very own collection. So how can you go about doing that? Well, it’s pretty simple. All you need to do is find the right memorabilia dealer and start collecting. What you do need to keep in mind though is the fact that the world of collectors can be shady. So step in it with caution. Don’t start collecting from anywhere; be very sure that the autographed music memorabilia you buy is completely authentic. Memoirs are expensive and you absolutely don’t want to be cheated!

Up North Memorabilia

At Up North Memorabilia, we know what an avid fan you are and how precious your collection is. Our aim is to provide you with genuine items that have come from original sources. Since the owner himself is a fascinated collector of autographed objects, he knows that for real fans ‘authenticity is the key’. Working since 2003 in the world of signed memorabilia, Up North Memorabilia is trusted all over the world.

You can find every kind of memento ranging from TV to film memorabilia and music to sports memorabilia. Be it John Hurt’s genuine autographed photo or Sophia Loren’s hand signed photo, famous chef Gordon Ramsay’s autographed photo or Maggie Smith’s signed photo, we have everything from the exotic world of film and TV. If you are a die-hard sports fan, then too our collection won’t disappoint you. We have every football signed memorabilia whether it is Manchester United or Liverpool, West Ham United or Arsenal.

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