How to Make Your Blog Irresistibly Attractive

irresistibly attractiveIt’s not a secret anymore that the net are full of blogs. A fundamental question that raise by the new blogger would be on how to make your blog irresistibly attractive. Making your blog keep attractive is the only way out to survive the crowd, isn’t it?

Many people have the answer on how to make your blog irresistibly attractive, but you know what, some bloggers are overlook the real value of being the owner of attractive blog. Most will fall into design as a sign of awesomeness.

Well, I am a part-time blogger, so I ever have the experience of starvation in the middle of the night after working late in the office. Going home at 1 am after finishing work-load is not something I like to have twice or more. Particularly if you are on the street, starving.

Just imagine, you look around and hope to find some restaurant or any kind of place to eat. Lucky you, you found a sign of place to eat … the light is still on, there must be something to eat there …

When you there, there’s no one but you that would likely buy some food. You’ll start to guess … what’s wrong with the place? Or maybe the foods? Or else …. What will you going to do? Most people will hold their hunger and try to find somewhere else to eat (other places that more crowd people do the same)

And that’s how your blogs can be. People are coming to your blog starving for information. No matter how good the food (the content) is people will start to think what is wrong with the restaurant (blog) just because it feels as if it’s a zombie like blogging state. If that’s the case, it’s really easy for visitor to leave and find something more active.

Try your best to avoid that condition. Here are some easy tips to make sure your irresistibly attractive.

1. Keep the update schedules.

Update means fresh content being added. This way visitors realize that your blog is active. It’s little bit tricky with the update game. If you think you can update more often then displaying the dates is a smart move yet if you tend to update less than once a week you should consider removing the dates.

Unless you have loyal readers they’ll stick around to wait your updates. But mostly will leave immediately if they find your latest updates was two months ago.

2. Showing active numbers.

Maybe many of you notice these numbers already … active numbers mean a number of comments and shares. If you see some blogger has a large sign of number of comments on their bog, they are doing it on purpose. It’s all about consumer psychology. It’s show value that worth checking out.

Number of likes and shares are another psychology that might works positively to make your blog irresistibly attractive. The higher the number the better it reflects your blog activity yet any less then it could work against you. But don’t take this wrong, though numbers are good you should develop it smartly and wisely.

4. Emphasizing your best art of work. 

I bet you are familiar with popular posts, most commented, etc.Show this kind of thing on yours. Visitors will start to see that you are making amazing things about stuff that matters to them. It doesn’t matter if it’s a zombie like blogging state if you find a lot of pearls there.

5. Easy to read and understand post.

This issue can be viewed in from two perspectives, and both are in line to having a irresistibly  attractive blog. First, look at it from a visual sense. Is your post area disorganized, is the font too small, too light or dark? None of those things makes a blog irresistibly attractive by any means.

The second is with regard to your writing. Is it easy to understand for the level of your reader, not just only you? You don’t want to deliver to far above or below where you feel they are. Attractive writing, much like stories, should have a defined introduction, supporting detail, and wrap up. If any of these are missing gradually, I guess it’s time to sharpen your writing skills.

Over to you

That’s our easy tips to make your blog irresistibly attractive in the eyes of visitors. Whether you are agree, disagree or like to add some tips? Feel free to drop it in the comments below

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