How to Create a Blog that Really Earns Money


How to create a blog that really earns money is probably the most common question people ask once them figuring out the fortune of blogging from top bloggers on the net. Well, that’s quite logic because anyone want to feel the same success other person did.

When it comes to blogging for money, you will realize that this is not as easy as it sound. You have to deal with these several aspects for sure:

  • Quality Content
  • Readership Base
  • Monetizing Methods
  • Income Stream Channel

Before we go further, I would like to say that I am a person that has to stick with 9 to 5 routine and has a blog as investment that I believe (when the time comes) it will become a great source of side income (with all the limitation of being a part-time blogger). So, the post will explain all the 4 aspects above in practical ways.

Quality Content is the Heart of Blogging

I have witness the power of quality content that makes this blog survive in the middle of “marketing online” or “make money blogging” topics. It is like millions of blogs out there talking on this same topic.

Using the premium web hosting under HostGator and premium domain name under wordpress are certainly ring the bell that I have to find a way to pay the bills of my blog. If not, it is all just waste of time.

At the early blogging stage I was able to make 28 affiliate sales on hostgator. That was a great source of survival. I am not touching the income from the affiliate sales for personal expense but for web hosting and domain name bills for the next due date year. This way I have saved the basic expense of blogging (for at least five or ten years ahead) on my way to create a blog that really earns.

I guess this financial strategy often overlook by many bloggers. Well may be I have the advantage as part-time blogger that has another source of income (that’s why this is not easy thing to do and require good strategy and hard working). As blogger that blog professionally (using premium hosting and domain name) you have to think on the basic expense that actually cost your wallet. Once you can figure out on how to pay the basic expense then you can go to the next step …. Build the profit.

Building the Constant Income from Blog That the Expert Never Told You Before

There are no new things in this coverage. What I have done are affiliate marketing, publisher of advertisement network, and referral business. Do you know what comes first in making me money?

It is referral business.

It is not much but it really works. I just think “better something than nothing”.

What comes second? Affiliate marketing.

Although hostgator has made me some real money back then with 28 sales, but the performance is slowing down until I have to think to find new source of constant income.

What comes last? Well of course you know it already. It is publisher of PPC network.

I am not using Adsense because they never approve my request but that doesn’t mean your world end right away. There are plenty of adsense alternatives a blogger can join and start publishing advertisements as soon as possible.

Choosing the Right Referral Business for Income Source

In internet marketing business I guess almost everything offer referral business. When you choose a referral business opportunity of course you have to stick with the niche of your business.

In internet marketing, people tend to look more seriously on something “free” and “easy”. I have got this conclusion after evaluating all the topics around “blogging for money for beginners”. I craft a post about it and put referral link on that particular post. What is the result? The post start generating money constantly every month (this fact signals me … hey I’ve got a new source of income).

What referral business do I choose? It is paid to click program. I have promoted 3 of them on that single post and they grow positively. How that is possible?

I learn the nature of quality post in promoting referral business opportunity.

In the post I am not telling the readers to join but sharing what I’ve earned with the program. By doing this I notice that readers love it. At least 10 to 20 new referrals always join every single day into the program I shared on the post.

My job is not stopping there, I am also updating the post with the latest payout I’ve received from it. The proof speaks for itself.

Cara Mendapat Uang dari Internet Tanpa Ngeblog Payout 100 dollar

Choosing the Right Affiliate Offer for Income Source

As it comes at second, making money as an affiliate is hard thing to do (unfortunately). This doesn’t mean you can’t do nothing to earn from it. Most people use PPC advertising to make sales in affiliate products. That is good a approach though but it will cost you money to make money. Unless you have a good amount of money to tackle the miss calculation on setting the PPC advertising, it will be great way to earn money from internet through affiliate marketing.

The other way is to create a passive way that will slowly give you source of income through affiliate marketing. The old classic ways of trying yourself and make review of it is powerful way until now. I’ve done it and it makes me money. But this is not the case I want to talk about. It is the affiliate offer you can consider to gain constant income from affiliate marketing.

Select affiliate offers that obligate membership on it. This is the guarantee that you will make money on constant basis. The next step to make money from it is through highly targeted offer. This is the right time for testing your SEO understanding and craft and high quality content relating to it.

Here’s my experience on it:

I have evaluated the potential of “make an ebook by yourself” search term to bring in visitors to my blog. On the other side, I have found a good affiliate offer from ebook cover provider that has criteria I need to make money from it.

One thing for sure is that I have tried it myself. This is the only way I can create a quality post about it. The post I made is in my local language, bahasa Indonesia. The post is meant for readers that want to know how to create an ebook on their own. Applying my understanding about SEO to target the search term into a post that sharing the way people can make an ebook by their own, the good result start to emerge the surface.

ebookcover affiliate

Every day I see 20 to 30 people comes from search engine for that post. I assume them as highly targeted visitors. From that amount, around 3 to 5 visitors click on affiliate link I put on. The result is $14 affiliate commission every month. May be you think it is just a penny. But you know what I have in mind? … “If one post can make me $14 and I can make another 20 post that earn the same, that will be something”. I just need to develop the affiliate strategy that actually works to create more income from my blog. Want to promote it too? Sign up here.

Choosing the Right Advertising Network to Become Publisher

Witnessing that more and more visitors come to the blog has made consideration of becoming publisher of advertising network is something good to think of.

I tend to combine between PPC ads publisher and CPM ads publisher. This is the best way to earn more from the blog we manage.

Adsense is good option to take first. That is no secret that not easy to get accepted in Adsense. Furthermore the non availability of paypal as a mode of payment can be another hassle Adsense can give you.

There are other options than adsense that you can easily find through internet. If you run high rank and high traffic blog then it won’t be difficult to accept in any advertising network with PPC or CPM platform. But if you are in the middle kind of blog with not too much traffic, you need to find some advertising network more careful.

Herocpm and adsptp are some among advertisement networks that might useful for you to add some cash easily for your monthly bill of blogging. You can earn $1 or $2 a month. It is not much but you should not neglect it because if you accumulate it in yearly basis it can be the answer for your “$12/year” domain name expense.

The way you can monetize your blog is more than just what I have explained here. You can sell advertisement space, you can write sponsored review and many more. The best thing to do is to stick on monetizing methods that proved to be earned constantly and combine it with other kind of monetization methods. Analyze everything to make sure you are gaining the best result with your blog.

Build Your Readership Base (Even Without Subscribers)

So now you have understand the way to monetize your blog in a way that proven to be earned. Now is the time to increase your visitors. I guess you already hear too often that the money is in the list. Yes I do agree on that. And yes I agree to build your email subscriber list.

But what if I run a blog with two languages? That will be time consuming to maintain email subscriptions.

The answer is search engine (like it or not) and social media.

Search engine is the logical source of survival of your blog. If you have the same perception with me, your ultimate goal is not to violate Google rules about SEO. Not to violate google means avoid anything “unethical ways” and do more about “quality”.

Here’s a quick SEO tips:

In dealing with social media you need to be precise. Just pick several (one to three) that work best. Learn it from your analytic tools what social platform that gives better result for your making money from blog plan.

Here’s a quick social media tips:

Are You Ready to Create a Blog that Really Earns Money?

They key to develop your blog into six figure cash machine is not to underestimate whatever amount your blog can earn. Six figures is just a success target and in a matter of success nothing goes instantly. You need to know what really works and focus on that.

Making $2 online constantly from one source is a good thing. To reach six figures you need to do the same to make $2 through different / new ways of sources. Slow but sure, you will not only build your own wealth empire but also becoming expert on it. Two benefits at one strike. If you have got the pattern of earning from your blog all you need is to multiply so that you can have more than just one source of earning. So, tell me know, are you ready to create a blog that really earns money? Let me hear your opinion.