Should My Blog Linking Out?

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Blog linking out? Yes or No? Many blogs on the net don’t have a single link to another blog. The reason for this to happen is quiet simple : “If I link to other blogs visitor might leave my blog.” Do you really think visitors won’t leave if you’re not linking out? They will and there’s nothing you can do to stop them.

Blog visitors won’t leave your blog just because you give links to external blogs. They’ll leave for one of two reasons:

  • They can’t find the answer they’re searching for and move to seek it somewhere else
  • They’ve found what they were searching for and don’t have a reason to stay on your blog any longer.

Now you realize that visitors will leave your blog anyway. But why should I look around for blogs to link to?” There’s actually three reasons why linking out is not only good for blog credibility but also good to increase traffic.

Backs up your arguments

Assure that all opinions about your business are backed up by third party sources. For instance, if you sell smartphones it’s so easy to publish an information. “We’re the number one online smartphone seller in the region!”. Everyone can create this statement, so prove that it is true by linking to an external source. Provide a list of the top online smartphone sellers last year.

Often time your blog visitors probably won’t click these links, but that doesn’t matter – the crucial thing is that you’ve given evidence to back up the achievements you’re claiming.

Benefit to your site visitors

The Internet is built for users to move through it from one place to the next – don’t make your blog the last one in the path. If you acknowledge of blogs that you deem really useful, and you believe your blog visitors might too, be confident to link to them. By giving a range of informative links you may even seen as an industry expert and person who really masters their stuff.

When giving links be sure you do so at proper times. Don’t implement external links to a links page. Blog visitors aren’t so likely to see this page as a links page doesn’t quickly address their needs. Instead, give links as and when they’re relevant to the content of each page.

For instance, if you run an IT consultancy firm you may like to link to a source that has an up-to-date reference guide about new business laws in the field of technology information. You don’t acquire the time to supply that kind of updated information on your blog. Your blog visitors would find it really helpful. Assist your blog visitors and they’ll backed up  your business in a positive manner.

Search engine benefits

One of the methods search engines attempt to figure out your blog is by elaborating  its inbound and outbound links. The more assurance a search engine has of what your blog’s about, the higher search engine ranking you’ll gain. By doing blog linking out to related sources you simply assist the search engines measuring your blog and therefore improve your search ranking.

Be aware though, an inbound link is weigh far more than an outbound link so do not link to your competitor’s websites!

Most marketers agree that an inbound link is worth much better than an outbound link thus they do not link to competitors.

Should Your Blog Linking Out?

Never be afraid to link out. Your blog visitors will appreciate you introducing them to informative sources, you can elevate your credibility and you can obtain a higher search engine ranking. Elaborate your favorites folder. If you believe your blog visitors would benefit from any of the sources there be confident to attach them in an proper place on your blog.

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I personally make blog linking out anywhere relevant with the topic being discussed. I’ve never had in mind to decide whether the sources are my competitors or not. What about you? Do you think blog linking out is good? What’s best method to do that?

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