7 Major Problems You Usually Face While Shopping

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Problems you face while shopping? Ever think of it?

Everyone likes shopping as it provides you the instant happiness and helps you raise your standards but unless you are Rebecca Bloomwood you probably do care about your money too and wanted to spend each penny of your money right!

Today people have countless choices that include getting in to malls, click and shop, buy on phone and what’s not. Evolution of technology grants shoppers with unlimited choices.

Despite of the various advantages of shopping, there are still many problems and difficulties that people face while shopping. In this post I will try to discuss few major problems that shoppers might face while shopping.


A common problem that many buyers face is the crowded malls. Due to an increase in population and raise in living standards there is an increase in number of buyers. Even if people do not want to buy anything they just come for window shopping or outing.

Rush makes many potential customers frustrated and unable to concentrate on things they really want to purchase. If you are really serious about shopping and wanted to concentrate on what you are paying for the idea is to go for the malls that are less crowded.

Another thing you can do is to choose the right date and time for shopping. One holidays like Christmas, Easters the shopping malls are more crowded than usual so try to shop is regular days. Night hours are the best for window shoppers and you might stick in the rush so the better idea is to go for a shopping in the evening so you can hit home before the peak hours starts.

Right Choice:

Another problem that you might face while shopping is the selection of things. Sometimes you get confused as there are lots of things to choose from and you are in a fix which one to pick. There are multiple brands with tons of choice which makes it harder for a person to decide which one to choose.

The best way to get out of this problem is to stick with the decision that you make after the quick research. Use your phone here, search for a product, compare it with others and see what data suggest you to buy and then go for it.

Remember, It is impossible have all the things at one time! No?


Theft and robberies are becoming a common problem these days. You get out of the mall with hand full of shopping bags and someone steals your bag or even worse, you get robbed.

This is a serious problem but there are quite a few things that you can do to minimize the risk here. The idea is to make a list of times you want to buy and try to limit the list to few items that you can easily carry with you. Another thing you can do is to choose the shortest route from the mall and don’t get yourself involved in window shopping as this can put you in a bad situation.

Sales Person:

On many stores the sales people are not doing their job right! Instead of helping customers they are busy making their commissions by either misguiding buyers or but not being helpful. In either case customer ended up in an uncomfortable situation.

My advice here is to stop trusting their word and do your help yourself from step one. There are multiple options that you can use to get out of this situation.

Use your cell phone internet to research about the products and services, benefits, pricing, deals and more so that sales people neither can confusing you nor makes you fool. Also try to reach to stores who have a better customer services online. When they will have a better customer service online, you can expect the same in to stores.

Expensive Items:

Another difficulty many regulars face is the high prices of different items. Everyone has a budget in their mind and estimates that the required would come in a certain calculated price. But sometimes the scenario is totally different. The things are expensive, priced way more than expected and this can make buyers think once again whether they are making a wise decision by purchasing that item.

This is the painful situation but there are options that can help you get out of it. Try to get yourself subscribed to services like groupon or deals pursue .You can get access to those expensive items under budget.


Quality holds a significant position for many of us whilst buying the right item at a reasonable price being the next up the ladder. Obviously you are paying for the item and you need that item to be quality.

I have personally witnessed quite a few cases where quality of an item was not justified against the money they are asking for it. In that case all you should do is to go for the brands. Shops you trust instead of going for every other store in a mall.

Impulsive Buying:

Even if you are Rebecca Broomwood you should not allow yourself to set on fire and buy just everything in the mall that you like. If you are shopaholic you probably do that from time to time. This is not healthy unless you want the recovery officer from your credit card company to hunt you.

Be focused and make a list of items that you really wanted to buy. Double check it, removes the unnecessary items. In the mall all you have to do is to stick to the list. This way you will help yourself say out of this problem plus you will end up saving lot of money in the bank.

Are There More Problems You Face While Shopping?

There must be many other problems that people face while shopping. If you can be a bit more careful, organized and planned you can get rid of the problems. Or at least minimize the impact of it and experience a hassle free shopping.

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