5 Easy Steps Automating Your Business Website

Automating your business website is one of the most impetus steps you can take to guarantee your success on the internet.

If you have been blogging for business for quite some time, you know that there are just too many activities to do everyday to be really productive and efficient with them all.

Try to delegate some of those routine, daily tasks is one way to secure your site’s success and to provide you much more time in the day for the most crucial task which is that of marketing and promotion of your site.

Here are 5 Easy Steps to Automate Your Site Today

1) Auto-responders

Maybe one of the famous ways to manage routine messages to questioners is the use of auto-responders.

It is easy and simple to set up your messages which normally include several follow-up messages to notify your visitors what you are giving and why they need to return to your site again.

Here are some free ones:

  • Getresponse —- http://www.getresponse.com/
  • Send Free —- http://sendfree.com/new/
  • Mailchimp —- http://www.mailchimp.com/
  • Aweber —- http://www.aweber.com/

2) Mailing List Management

If you are attempting to run your own newsletter, managing the process by yourself can consume a lot of valuable time. In the initial this may be possible yet as your list develops and the tasks related keep growing, your time demands will increase as well.

There are many ways to handling a mailing list including purchasing your own software or installing your own scripts. Learn from the pros and cons, but be sure and acknowledge the chance of “farming out” the responsibility to a mailing list service. After auto responder, finding a good mailing list management service is crucial in automating your business website.

Here are some to consider:

  • Ezine editor —– http://www.ezinedirector.com/
  • Mail List —- http://www.mail-list.com/
  • Zinester —- http://www.zinester.com/
  • Yahoo Groups —- http://groups.yahoo.com/
  • Topica —- http://www.topica.com/

3) Use Software

There are many software options available relying on your work online. Some useful software such as html editors, ad swaps, website promotion, survey forms and subscription management can help a lot for your business website. You can simply search online for the following keywords:

  • “HTML editors”
  • “Ad swaps”
  • “Subscription management”
  • “Survey forms”

4) Payment Processors

Payment system today is just a no-brainer. It is so easy to do this one.

Establishing an automated payment system that enables you to receive credit card payments for your products or services is something that you need to have to be successful online.

Here are couple of third-party ones that you can use:

  • PayPal —   http://www.PayPal.com/
  • Payza — http://www.payza.com/
  • Neteller — http://www.neteller.com/
  • Payoneer — http://www.payoneer.com/

5) Ad Tracking System

If you plan to advertise your products or services online, then it is highly suggested that you track your results.

Noticing how many hits you receive to your site is nice, but it won’t take care of your important question like, “Where did my traffic and sales originate from?”

Here are some ads tracking systems that is highly useful

  • Clickmeter —- http://www.clickmeter.com/
  • Proanalyzer —- http://www.proanalyzer.com/
  • Hypertracker —- http://www.hypertracker.com/
  • Adminder —- http://www.adminder.com/

Applying these five time-saving assistance is a very important milestone in moving your business into a stage that will free up some time to secure success in automating your business website.



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