3 Best Possible Ways to Make Money From Internet Without Blogging

I know when you figuring out the potential of blogging for money you will be interested to give it a try. It is true that people can earn six figures online with a blog. In reaching for that, of course you need to apply many things perfectly start from online marketing strategies, developing products/promoting affiliate products, building your own money-lists, and so on.

Most people will leave blogging once they know a lot of homework to be done. Then the question came … do blog the only thing to make money online? Well, with the advance of internet the answer is NOT. There are possible ways to make money from internet without blogging. This is what this post going to show you about.

Paid to Click

It is quiet popular program that enable its members earn money as easy as clicking a computer mouse. Yes, that’s right … if you can click a mouse, you have internet connection, then you are ready receiving money in your paypal account.

The most important things about choosing this profitable program is through payment proof. There are millions of paid-to-click programs out there, some of them are scams (don’t pay members) some are legit (pay members).

You can sign up on as many as paid-to-click programs you can and earn couple of hundred bucks monthly easily (if you are lucky not getting scam). To avoid you being scam try to be consistent clicking on each program until you reach the minimum payout, until you received your first payment in your paypal account, you can not sure you are getting scam or not.

I have tried several paid to click programs until I finally focus on two which is best based on my own experiences.

The first one is clixsense and the second one is neobux.

Here’s my payment proofs from clixsense in the last 4 months:

Internet Money Proof

Neobux has given me $6.518 so far ….

Neobux Revenue

With just one program you can easily earn $8 to $12 monthly easily. So with several you can earn extra $100 easily (but remember the risk of being scam by joining new paid to click program)

Selling Gigs on fiverr

Fiverr is other best ways to make money from internet without blogging. In this site you can only earn $5 (minus fee$1) though but you can sell as many gigs as you can in fiverr. That way, you can earn unlimited amount as long as your gigs (offers) are “valuable for customers”.

You can offers translation, video making, rice painting or even fake facebook girlfriend to make someone else jealous.

Do I make money from fiverr? Here is my last payment from fiverr selling one gig

Fiverr Revenue

It’s not a big one though but hey .. I just selling one gig and not actively promoting it.

Join Content Publishing Sites

Content publishing sites is another great ways to make money from internet without blogging. If you like to write and to earn money from what you write you can make money from it.

First you need to have google adsense account. Once your adsense account approved you can start to make money online without a blog.

There are some sites that enable users publish their articles and put adsense advertising on it then share the ads revenue. Doing this, you don’t need the headache to promote your content as you have to if building a blog.

One of those sites is infobarrel. With this site, you can write thorough articles on any topics as you can imagine. Once you finish your writing, submit it for a review and put your adsense code within the articles. The site has all the guidance you need to start to make money from internet without blogging. You just need to focus on writing useful and informative articles combine it with adsense and let infobarrel do the hardwork marketing your article.

Start to Make Money from Internet Without Blogging

Are you ready to make money from internet now? I believe you now have better thought on how you can really make money online from internet. You can focus on one way to make extra cash easily and even more after some time you understand how it works or you can combine every possible ways to earn more with less time (like I did).


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