11 Damn Good Pro Advices to Start Earning Big From Your Blog

A lot of people that are simply starting blogging often realize that it is difficult to know how much you can potentially make. In the beginning of building a blog, it can be hard to maintain motivated to keep moving forward when you are not earning much money, yet provided time and lots of work a blog can take a big leap. The perfect proof that you can see are the top bloggers that already makes it happen. It will surely inspire to learn just how these top bloggers managed to skip the dark moment to catch the light that makes their future bright shining.

The following list of 11 top bloggers is a valid success in term of making money out of their blogs. Their advices are definitely damn good to apply to start earning big from your blog.

1 Tymothy Sykes

In case you don’t know Tymothy Sykes (yet), he is an American entrepreneur, penny stock expert and stock trader. He is reputable for transforming his bar mitzvah money into more than $1 million by day trading in-between classes at Tulane University

His advice to new blogger trying to make money from their blog;

Your expertise need to be shown by crafting outstanding word of mouth with no cost content initially and follow it up by showing off all positive feedback from happy audiences to encourage a ton of visitors into buying your premium offers. It can be in many forms, newsletter, affiliate products, and so on.

2 Darren Rowse

In case you don’t know Darren Rowse (yet), he is a blogger, consultant and speaker. He is the founder of the famous ProBlogger.net and digital-photography-school.com. He lives in Melbourne, Australia.

His advice to new blogger trying to make money from their blog;

Take a proper research of the task before you quit your 9 to 5 jobs because it isn’t something you’re going to grow rich from in overnight. You have to begin it with realistic estimations.
Building and maintaining a blog isn’t about growing rich, it’s about conversation on a topic that you enjoy, have a passion for and want to engage with others on. So pick a topic that reflects who you are.
Write unique post, publish something useful, make your followers’ lives improve in some ways.
If you want to make money blogging you have to prioritize experiment. No two blogs have the same formula of monetization tactics that work in the similarly. Try different affiliate programs, ad networks, and other monetization strategies.

3 Yaro Starak

Yaro Starak of Entrepreneurs-Journey.com is another successful blogger from Australia. Yaro has made, organized and sold several different online businesses since 1998 and nowadays mentors audiences how to earn a full time revenue from blogging part time through his Blog Mastermind and Become a Blogger teaching programs.

His advice to new blogger trying to make money from their blog;

Being able to make money blogging is highly relevant with being success with the blog. Thus it is crucial to put in place three fundamental factors to fasten your way reaching it. First is the content, you have to be consistent in producing good quality content. Second is traffic. It means good blog marketing. Third is try to make money out of it. This is the stage where you need to begin testing different choices. All you need is locate various methods to make money blogging, install it on your blog and review what kind of result you attain. Don’t give up until you finally find the best mix for your special blog.

And, of course, the third thing is the actual way you can make money, so that’s where you have to start testing different monetization options. In this case, it’s actually a lot easier than the first two components, because if you can get traffic and you can write the content, that’s what takes time. Once that’s in place, money and making it is all about testing. All you have to do is find different ways to make money, put it on your blog, and see what kind of results you get. If it’s not a good result, try something else. Just keep testing until you find the best combination of monetization options for your particular blog.

4 Pete Cashmore

Pete Cashmore is the founder of Mashable, one of the most trafficked blogs in the world. Mashable provides news on social networking and social software and successfully received millions of visitors monthly.

His advice to new blogger trying to make money from their blog;

Since mashable heavily focus on advertising as revenue source, traffic is priority. A good number of visitors will convince advertisers to buy ads space. The more traffic your blog obtain the more advertisers attract to purchase the advertising spots.

Not only mashable connects with audience online but also offline thus offers sponsorship opportunities as well.

Mashable also connects with its audience offline too and this also offers sponsorship opportunities.

5 Brian Clark

Brian Clark is founder and CEO of Copyblogger Media, host of Unemployable, and evangelist for the Rainmaker Platform.

His advice to new blogger trying to make money from their blog;

Never limit yourself to find a source to learn from. Whether you hate or agree, learn from all of them. Be open minded to anything then you will come out with more savvy toolbox of strategies for online marketing.

5 Pat Flynn

Pat Flynn is a passive income whiz. He always saying he’s not an expert in the subject though he has earned $3 million in the last 7 years by crafting useful and authoritative site in wide areas such as becoming a security guard, passing a green building exam, and food truck business.

His advice to new blogger trying to make money from their blog;

The memorable thing I’ve done for my businesses is distribute as much free information as possible. I realize that the more quality post I share for free, the more I receive in return.

May be you think this is a silly move (to give away all the good stuff). How can you monetize it?

The main reason this works perfectly well is because followers will purchase an organized, well designed package, whether it’s a course, membership program, eBook, and so on. Moreover, if you’re an authority and you’ve taken a good care of your audience by giving them with lots of high quality content for free, most of them will feel they owe you for all that you’ve done for them already.

6 Rand Fishkin

He is a software marketing company founder (Moz). The company hosts a website which includes an online community of more than one million worldwide digital marketers and marketing related tools.

His advice to new blogger trying to make money from their blog;

His answer is simple ….. giving away for free

Moz is free to try. If you’re attracted in tracking the kind of data that it record,getting alerts, scoring links, or mentions, all these kinds of things, Moz is no-cost for 30 days, so it makes sense to try it, doesn’t it?

The philosophy has worked perfectly well for MoZ. Through this philosophy, Moz has assisted many marketers and they have been repaid awesomely for it.

7 J. Michael Arrington

Michael Arrington is the former co-editor and founder of TechCrunch, a blog reporting the Silicon Valley technology start-up societies and the broader technology field in USA and elsewhere.

His advice to new blogger trying to make money from their blog;

Publishing content on your blog is frankly the superb way to make your blog running and active as it will improve the reader engagement of your blog. This will not increase only the reader activity but will assure a good alexa rank for your blog which will assist boost the public authority of your blog making it a big success. This expertise was also applied by Pete Cashmore the founder of Mashable to turn his site a top rank as it is valued at $300 million.

8 Ewdison Then

He is a co-founder and an executive editor of R3 Media LLC, the company that organizes several technology blogs such as AndroidCommunity, PhoneMag, SlashGear.com, SlashPhone, and many more. His blog earning reaching over than $40,000 a month.

His advice to new blogger trying to make money from their blog;

Traffic is crucial. Get out from your comfort zone and challenge yourself. Differentiate your income stream. Explore revenue generation beyond old-fashioned advertising schema.

9 Alborz Fallah

He is the founder of CarAdvice.com.au, one of the top rank blogs in Australia for many categories and competes confidently with some of the largest media companies in the world for the car expert market in the land down under.

His advice to new blogger trying to make money from their blog;

CarAdvice is the number 8th blog and the 4th business. The first check in the mail was received at the age of 14 from selling advertising spot on geocities website that was worth $100 USD but hell, that was not bad! I then began another three websites which became rather famous. None of those made me wealthy or gave me lots of cash, but do keep in mind, it’s not failure, it’s a learning process.

10 Jeremy Schoemaker

He is the founder of NextPimp.com and ShoeMoney Media, a web entrepreneur, and co-founder of the AuctionAds service. He is a regular speaker at affiliates and search engine marketing conferences.

His advice to new blogger trying to make money from their blog;

People pay attention to the blog because of the ability not only monetize but to do it in methods never before done. It is so challenging to monetize an audience who learn ways to make money online. Its lap dances to strippers or selling ice to eskimoes.

11 David Risley

He recently started blogging at DavidRisley.com, which has all the creating of becoming one of the top blogs in the internet marketing niche. Nevertheless before David began blogging, he spent over 10 years developing his PCMech website, which started as a hobby to entertain in his passion for technology and computers, and today is a splendid content site and membership service. On the year 2008 he earned more than $140,000 and that was the third time in a year running he’s made six figures plus, that’s why he’s the guy to success online.

His advice to new blogger trying to make money from their blog;

My best piece of advice would be to run the blog like a business if that’s what you expect it to be. Businesses deal in things, so bloggers will usually do best if they deal on something. I highly recommend to start blogging in a niche where audiences are attracted enough to join in. An additional of products and membership which is tightly relevant to the blog would be very lucrative venture to try on.

The fundamental perspective to implement right away if you want to start to earn big from your blog (based on the experts’ experiences)

  1. Focus on delivering helpful and informative contents
  2. Never afraid to give freebies as much as you want
  3. Do it in unique way
  4. Always eager to try
  5. Always eager to learn
  6. Always eager to experiment

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