10 Mozilla Extensions Web Designers Must Have

10 Mozilla Extensions Web Designers Must HaveThis guest post is by Claudia

Mozilla Firefox is considered as the top internet browser especially among the software developers and web designers. Nowadays, to be the top browser it needs a lot of efforts. The best thing is that Firefox is well-linked with a large number of extensions which can enhance the browsing experience. There are many vital and essential add-ons present in the list which are quite important for the web designers. And if they are used in a proper way, it can increase the workflow and can give you more productive result.

Top Extensions Available in Mozilla

Here are some top extensions which can help with your work.

1. New Tab King

You can now get away with the blank tab with this all New Tab King. So whenever you open a new tab in Mozilla, you will get a whole new series of suggested sites, closed tabs and many more.

2. The Awesome Screenshots

This is an awesome extension which allows a person to snapshots or partial page. And after taking the screenshots, you can use it to underline the important parts and to blur out the irrelevant parts.

3. Aviary Screen-Capture

Aviary Screen-Capture helps you in capturing without accessing any data on your computers; it is the most capable option.

4. HttpFox

HttpFox helps you in checking the HTTP traffic of all the websites; it usually known from tools like Http. Watch the HTTP otherwise known as Http Analyser.

5. Save to My Cloud

As a web designer, one must have this extension as this helps you to save and store all your important files on internet. It also protects your files from getting hacked or from being stolen. No one wants to lose their important documents and this is where Cloud Save helps you out.

6. Inline Code Finder for Firebug

This extension Code Cola allows its users to create and edit their individual page which is present inside a website, for this you have to click on the area which you want to edit and then you have to follow the process to edit it.

7. Dummy Lipsum

It is an exciting extension which helps you in test filling; this extension helps you in populating the website with the buzz and corporate words. It’s based on Mac Widget which is quite popular.

8. Diigo Archive, Sticky Note, Bookmark and Highlight

Diigo otherwise known as Digest of Internet Information Groups and other stuff is the tool for online research which allows a person to manage and save the important information, with this extension you can do a number of works like making sticky notes, heightening the Web Pages with the color of your choice etc. For a Web designer it’s a must to have add-on.

9. Drag2up

Its helps in easy file attachment, instead of clicking in many windows to attach a particular file you can attach a file directly from the computer just by clicking in the input files.

10. ColorZilla

This extension helps you in locating the exact shade of your choice and it also keeps the track of the color history; by this you can incorporate your desired web design.

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