Why I Will be Using Get Links Pro to Perform Link Building Service of My Blog?


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The problems that many blog owners or website owners faced  are content updates and link building efforts.

These are really true since I ever feel it too.

Some of the readers have contacted me and asked whether I have used link building services or not to build my blog here. That moment, I wasn’t thinking of any services but then the question made me realize that for “time” reason, link building service could help you a lot to develop a blog network for any purposes in reaching your goals so that you can focus more on another important things in blogging and in life.

I was replying the email (not to answer but …) to ask why they didn’t use search engine to find it and made decision to purchase it. The respond was simple …. it’s about trust that they’ve been looking for.

People like recommendation from someone they trust about product or service they are looking for to fulfill their needs and help them reach their business goals.

I didn’t reply directly from email instead I’ll make my own trial to test and see the result and let my reader now it from a post I am going to be made in future.

Well, the future is now …. I have made the test and ready to share the result here in this post. I am really grateful for the question, it gives me an idea on what to do with the income I have made from blogging. I do investment and at the same time help my readers answering their problems. It’s the best thing you can do as bloggers, don’t you think?

For those who search for help in link building services for their business I can recommend this service as your solution.

Over the past few days I have been testing a link building service that will become a problem solver for many online business people (include bloggers to some extend).

I have found it in link building services from Get Links Pro, ….

They’ll follow your request to get results which means you still have a control on the services and they’ll openly discuss on what you want and provide the solution to adapt your request. After the services completed they’ll provide reports as their business accountability.

How to Take the Services?

There are many service packages you can choose. Select the packages that you think best for your needs. As new costumers you need to sign in by creating account ( see screen-shot below)

From many service packages available, I have chosen their services for article submissions for as low as $18. This was the services that I personally have paid for.

Here’s how article submission that I have paid for look like :

And here’s my order history :

Being costumers doesn’t make you have lesser influence for the services. You still can ask them to submit  the article draft for your checking before submissions. It’s important phase when you are a blogger. You have made so many contents for your own blog thus you absolutely want to put your tones in the draft before submissions. It cut the time you need for submitting a single article into many article sites.

That’s why I asked them to submit the draft to me before submissions (I just want to know how the process works, instead to give my tones in it). They kindly respond to such an inquiry. Here’s our conversation record through online costumer services facility :

And the best parts are ….

#Keywords preference

I choose “blogging tips” as the keyword for the article submissions. You can decide what keywors you need. Select the most suitable for your blog or online business topic.

#Two URL Links include as your backlinks

Here you can have two valuable backlinks as you desire. They’ll follow your decision and give consultation about it.

#The report they have sent me as their accountabillity of services.

Here’s a look on the report notification email :

You can easily check on what they have worked for several days of running services for clients. Here is one result from goarticles.com. (please note that with $18, I am not writing the article myself)

#They’ve done all the submission process manually which means it’s save your blog from search engine penalty.

I’ll tell you upfront that Get Links Pro is good for tight budget bloggers or online marketers who wants to spend more time to create high quality contents for their own sites while doing link building strategy. It’s not only great in bring you the result but also offers highly affordable prices in various range of link building service packages.

With $ 18 they made the articles then submit it to 50 article sites of various Page Rank with two backlinks to your desired website address. You can have lower price if you made the article yourself and ask them to submit it.

What else do I do to check on the results?

I personally recheck the report. I have found a minor error they have made which I thought it should not be happened. What’s the minor error?

They have wrongfully stated some of the article sites page rank. Here’s the comparison :

Data from Get Links Pro reports :

Here’s the cross-check I have made from prchecker.net :

Article submissions is just one services from many services get links pro offers to clients in link building services. You can choose the services you need based on your goal and budget.

I definitely like to say that Get links pro is worth to try in saving your time in link building strategy. I am personally have used them and feel the benefit of back links from higher page rank sites.

The services took eight days until completed. It shows that they’ re doing it carefully to keeps it natural for the sake of your blog performance from a Search Engine penalty. They have submitted the article manually one by one.

I am definitely going to use their help for further income investment. Yup, this is one of many beneficial ways to invest your blog income.

Things You Should Know About The Result

If you notice the report (on xls document format), there are three admin secrets ; “username”, “email” and “password” on the column header. These will function as your surveillance facility.

I have checked some on the article sites provided and clicked search on my article title … in some search result there was “nothing found”. If this happen, admin secrets will play it’s role.

You can login on site articles which you can’t find your article title. There you can watch for yourself on the status of your article submissions. Here’s some screen-shot of my article submission “pending” status on synarticle.com :

That’s what I like about their services. They’re so transparent on their works. With that condition I can maintain to look the progress of the submission status.

Please know that my links to Get Links Pro in this post are affiliate links and I do earn commissions if you finished a purchase through them with no additional cost to you. If you have made a purchase please let me now through my contact in about me page so I can personally thank you and help you out if you have a further problem with it 😀

Who’s going to need their link building service?

Based on my personal opinion there will be some people that would be their ideal costumers. Here they are :

  1. Online Shop Owners.
  2. Online Marketers.
  3. General Website Owners (news, magazines designs, politics, car reviews, etc)
  4. Professional Bloggers with a lot of projects to be completed.

The main considerations are how they works, save the time you don’t have and offers affordable price packages. Get links pro do the link building manually which considerably friendly enough from search engine’s suspicion of link farm activity (it took eight days to finish my order). They can save your time in link building (so you can focus on other important things) and have range of price packages that won’t suck all of your pocket.

Are you one of those ideal costumers? You can begin save your time in link building strategy and focus more in making high quality contents for your sales page (or blog) right now through Get Link Pro article submission services. Take Get Links Pro service’s today by visiting this link.

  1. Okto, Thanks for writing the complete guide on Get Links Pro and nice to know you’re going to take link building thing seriously, It’s important too. I have never tried any tool to perform link building service, but seems Get Links Pro is great option.

    Ehsan Ullah recently posted..5 Ways To Spice Up Every Blog Post You WriteMy Profile

    • Okto

      Hi Ehsan,
      If we want improvement with our blog then we should take it more seriously. It’s my personal test and I like how they work. It’s a great option indeed.

      Thanks for your feedback my friend

  2. Hi,

    Well i was thinking to hire a guy for manual article submission as i need to build some quality backlinks. So this might be an interesting and awesome service and yeah i think its affordable too.

    thanks a lot for your detailed review will now go for their service…

    • Okto

      Hi Sarvesh,

      Glad we can help you :)

  3. Hi Okto, what another excellent post, full of easy to follow detail, I am wary of creating links using any other method than my own, maybe it is time I gave Get Links Pro ago, I just fear the reaper, Google have a lot of bad press about slashing sites with bad links, these days and out of fear it seems a lot of people just go for the safe option.

    So is it the same 1 article that is posted to 50 different sites or do they spin the articles?

    The Secret Insider recently posted..Google AdSense or Private Advertising: Which is Best?My Profile

    • Okto


      Thanks for the kudos :)

      If I am looking at the title … it’s all the same. But the contents, they have made modification on it.

      Thanks for asking 😀

  4. Hi Okto,

    This is indeed a beautiful post for link builders. But I am confused about 1 thing; I am not sure if Google can trace such link buildings & penalize us. Are you sure that there wont be any trouble from Google’s side?
    Zainil recently posted..Giveaway – SecretLayerMy Profile

    • Okto

      Hi Zainil,
      There’s 3 points you can use as guidance in building links from article sites:
      1. Make sure they’re editorial (not automatic inclusion)
      2. Don’t rely on them exclusively – make them only a small part of your link building strategy
      3. Be careful about article sites that let you choose your anchor text. That’s why “consultation” part is a great session for costumers.

      In short, be careful, be cautious, don’t overdo it. Don’t try to get thousands of backlinks in relatively short of time :). It will be good if you can have a schedule on when you do link building using their service.

      Thanks for asking 😀

  5. Jeet

    @Okto: Thanks for a rather detailed review. I am glad that you were happy with the overall results of our service.

    I would like to point out that there was an update in first week of November so all our old reports would have incorrect pagerank for directories. (Right now even the new ones have old PR and we are going through our directory list to update the PR, once that’s one, we will update PR for article directories).

    Jeet @ GetLinksPro

    • Okto

      Hi Jeet,
      Thanks for stopping by and adding explanation :).

  6. Hi okto
    thanks for sharing this. Its really great details for me .I agree your points.Janil is right,its trully better post for all linkbuilder .
    shan@method2earn.com recently posted..How to Make Money Online from Blogging without Using Google AdsenseMy Profile

    • Okto

      Hi Shan,
      Glad to know this post can help you out :)

      You are welcome

  7. Wow very good information shared. All facts are new thing for me. Good to know about the same. Thank you.

  8. Hi Okto,
    I agree with you, you can find almost any company that offers link building services by searching on the Net, but of course you would not just jump in and avail their services if you barely have no idea about their overall background and reputation. Trust is a great factor to consider when getting someone else to help you out on your link building campaign for your site. If they screw it up, your site will go down. If they do well, your site will benefit greatly from it. Glad to have read and seen your review about the Get Links Pro. I think they look professional and the prices of their services seem reasonable enough. Thanks for sharing!
    Felicia recently posted..Two Men Accused Of Robbing Women Of Her Video Poker CashMy Profile

    • Okto

      Hi Felicia, great to see you again. I do agree that trust is essential in online business. All the best

  9. Great tool shared here :) hope this will work for me
    John Zee recently posted..Safari Cookies Privacy Violation Costs 17 Million To GoogleMy Profile



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