What Makes People Hire You Online?


One of the wonderful things can happen to bloggers is making money online selling expertise. Blog is one great platform to start realizing it. Many bloggers have implemented it by having particular “Hire Me” page in their blog offering assistance to reach specific goals.

If you are one of those bloggers, there are something makes people hire you online. People have reasons on why do they hire you online? Here are 4 strong reasons that make people hire you online.


Trust is important ingredients to success in online business. You need to be smart in managing your strength in building customer’s trust. The basic principle is easy, take these examples:

  • If you offer SEO expertise through blog, it will be great if your blog has good SERPs and awesome alexa’s rank.
  • If you offer blogging service through your own blog, it will be great if your blog has good design, active social signal, great number of fanpages or followers, etc.

Whatever your expertise being offered through your blog, make sure to have strong modality to build customer trust so that they are ascertain to hire your skill.


You have to respect customer because that’s one of many ways to gain trust from them. Once customers trust you, increase their trust by providing enough proof. Be committed with your own words. Here are some examples:

  • If you run backlink building service through guest blogging then having a number of published guest blogging on your name is great proof for the customers.
  • If you promised “no-question money back guarantee” then done that without hassle.
  • If you promised to deliver result in 3 days, never make it 4 days or within weeks.

A valid proof of your services will lead to loyal or new customer for sure.


There will be time for you to find customer. Once you made it, don’t be hesitated to ask for feedback as testimonial. One honest testimonial of how satisfied a customer is having your service can be a giant leap frog for your online business. This simple statement can lead to simultaneous conversion of the “hire me” page on your blog.


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May be you have heard a lot about “the money is in the list”. Well this is true although I am not seriously building subscribers for this blog.

What I’ve learned from my blogging experience is “the wealth is in the network”. If you want to have a great network you need to socialize. You can’t just publish “hire me page” and hope people will click and pay for it.

People like to deal with real people, not anonymous person they don’t really sure about. The best way to make people feel comfortable hire you online is by socializing online. You can simply do this by responding comments on your blog, replying messages on your fanpage, commenting on other blog, becoming guest blogger, or sharing your activity with visitor through your blog.

It is proven that responding comments can increase you blog traffic. On the flip side, some people will say that responding all comments or emails from website visitors will take much of your time in a day. Well, that’s true for sure but if you are active person in offline world doing your expertise, you still can be socialized person by sharing what you have done through your blog.

This is what Pat Flynn does within his blog. I notice that he rarely reply on comments now than before. On the contrary, visitors keep coming and commenting because they know Pat is busy with something. People knew all of that because he shared what he did (his expertise) through his blog (podcast, niche site duel, or attend in related events).

In the end, people will choose to do business with someone already known by other people. By socializing the right way you can have solid network that will support your business, a community that will recommend your expertise to other in helping other in need of their business.

Wait a sec …. I just launch my “Hire me” Page

I just launch it, how can I get all the points you have stated above?

Depends on what niche you are jump in. Though you are new in blogging that doesn’t mean you can’t. Here’s what you can do to make your “hire me” page look solid:

  1. Support it through your quality content. If you offer SEO service, add more quality contents related to SEO (tutorial with screenshot of proof would be best). If you are in marketing industry, share your quality opinion toward marketing trends or may be your prediction on marketing future. The better your thought the more valid your skill is. If you blog about adventure biking consultancy, add more pics of you do all the adventure or participate in an biking-event.
  2. Give private offer for free. Choose someone you like to have your service for free and ask for testimonial in return. This is win-win solution. You are honest with the service and people will have the benefits on the other side. No fake testimonial at all.

Do You Want People Hire You Online?

Having a client online is dream for many bloggers especially being hired doing what you like. If you can realize your dream, of course you will be happy. Do you want people hire you online? If you have published “hire me” page on your blog I know the answer is big YES. So tell me ….. What’s on your mind when you think about “what makes people hire you online?”