Advantages of User Friendly Designed Website


Basically, designing a user friendly website (or anything, really) can make or break your business. Unless tech savvies and gurus are your target demographic (or generally people who like to tinker around and about) going user friendly is the shortest way to success. After all, the average user doesn’t want to waste hours on end looking for something on your insanely complex website. Sure, it may look awesome, but remember – people are busy, which means that too much flash and design gimmicks are more likely to irritate than impress your potential clients.

USer Friendly Designed Website

Advantages of creating a user friendly website

The advantages of creating a user friendly website are numerous and I will explore the most important ones in detail. You should know that according to a recent study, 11% of the people who regularly purchase goods online have reported that they have abandoned purchases due to website complexity ranging from required registration to requiring too many personal details or too complex of a password. 11% might not sound as much, but it really depends on your revenue. If your revenue is significant, then those 11% are a lot of cash you could pocket by simplifying your site. Of course, that’s not the only advantage. Like I said, there are several benefits.

For one, looking at the financial part again, it’s much cheaper to develop a simpler website than trying to make it as intricate and complex as possible. Most people like simple, so why not give them what they want, improve your sales and save some money in the process? Seems quite obvious when you think about it but you will be surprised at how many business owners don’t see this.

I mean, think of WordPress, for example. It powers about 1/6 of the websites on the Internet (from the first 10, 000, 000 or so, anyway) and it offers simple design solutions. And you know what? Some people use it and other people like, and even though it started as a blogging platform, it grew so much. That has to point to the fact that most people prefer simple. I mean, think about it – you’re busy, working a 9 to 5 job and what-not and the last thing you want is to waste your precious time looking for something on a website.

However, you need to deal with the said thing (for example, buy a new vacuum cleaner for your wife for the anniversary, which is a bad idea, to be honest, but it’s your funeral). So you get to this online retailer and start searching but the site is slow and bloated with all sorts of unnecessary things and wants a ton of information.

Now imagine that the site wasn’t complex and had a perfect catalog and helped you easily find what you were looking for and purchase it. What would you prefer? Although this is just a hypothetical option for you (or maybe not if you’ve been in the said situation), it’s not hypothetical at all for most people. Which gives you an insight in how much more beneficial it will be to have a simpler site.

Not only will it be cheaper to develop, but it will also be lighter and load faster. People like sites that load fast. The site will be smaller so it will basically need less server space. Furthermore, it will be cheaper to maintain because it won’t be bloated with unnecessary fields and features. Everybody prefers this type of site because in the end, whatever we want to say or convince ourselves into, we would much rather for the practical than aesthetically pleasing. Of course, that doesn’t mean you get a free pass with having an ugly site. You need to find the balance.

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