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Wealthy Blogging Life Style


Blogs are known as one of the best platform to enhance business even though for those who haven’t any experienced before. That’s why wealthy blogging life style becomes many online people dream. Blogging for profit, many have said so, is a way to use blog to drive opportunities into the blog owners. And that actually the concept of wealthy blogging life style.

To some extend, wealthy blogging life style isn’t just about sell or market, it’s includes create, increase awareness, rant, or even used to empower things. The most important questions will be, does it really achievable for newbies or less experienced people?

It’s all depends on your perceptions about make money from a blog. Being wealthy through a blog is all about create a business that engage socially. You should never forget the social sense of blogging for business. Thus, to achieve your wealthy blogging life style there are some basic strategies you can use as guidance as follows ;

Stand for Your Own Voice

Every one has unique voice, and so has you. Stand for it, no matter what. But, make sure you are having a good reason to stand for your own voices. This way, you’ll create unique voice. Your persistence inject the personality in, furthermore, personality bring uniqueness into your blog, and that’s what people like to know. Once you’ve decided to achieve wealthy blogging life style, make sure “uniqueness” is one of your fundamental plans for the long run.

If you’re not liking  to write too much, don’t worry, blogging is not all about writing, as you may now YouTube, it’s only video in it, but millions of people are going to visit it. All you need is just mix several styles of contents to consume for many of your visitors. And find out what your visitors like.

Quality or Quantity of Contents

It’s such a dilemma option actually. But, the point is quality. If you can make a lot of quality content in a relatively short of time, you are going to rock the net fast, but frankly speaking not many bloggers can do so.

If you can’t do it neither, just focus on quality not quantity. Quality doesn’t always mean long writing, quality means visitors satisfaction. That’s what you really need to find. Repeat traffic can be one indicator of visitor satisfaction, so watch closely on your traffic stats and find out what your visitors like most. Then, produce more contents around the topics.

Getting Exposed

Once your blog established you need to get exposed. Important tip here is make sure you have more than 10 contents on your blog before you execute plan on getting exposed. These contents function as pillar to capture your very first visitors.

There are many methods to get exposed on the net. Some well-known methods are social bookmarks, directory submissions, article submissions, paid advertising, blog commenting, guest blogging and many more.

If you are on tight budget, try directory submission, article submission, blog commenting and guest blogging, it’s free if not cheap. For these strategies, you can devote someone else to do the work. Remember on your budget, don’t squander to much money on it before you understand what methods really works.

Join Affiliates Network

Affiliates are best for low traffic blog. As a new blog, and a new comer on the blogging network, of course affiliate marketing is your best friend to monetize your blog early. To earn the cash from it, you need to focus on your organic traffic, visitors that come from search engine. This is a highly targeted one thus if you give an affiliate offers there must be a better chance they will accept your offers.

There are many affiliates program you can join these days, start from a market place like Clickbank, Amazon, eBay or individual products that provide affiliate programs on their marketing efforts. Choose wisely on the product, select one that correlated with your blog topics and start promoting it.

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Building an  Email Lists

At this stage, your blog should be well-established. Thus, you should think to build your list of email subscribers. The simplest thing to make this happen is by providing sign-up form for content updates or newsletters.

To boost the result you can give freebies in many form. Yet, the most important thing is make it easy for them to unsubscribe. It’s showing that you respect their privacy a lot, on the other hand, you’ll only get subscribers that really put interest on what you have done within your blog.

One thing to remember on email list building is the percentage of valuable contents should be bigger than the business orientation on the content engagement. Or else your subscribers will unsubscribe right away, thus you’ll loose your truly potential profits.


If you are persistent in networking and providing quality (and a lot of contents), now, your blog should already have good enough traffic. If that so, it’s a good timing for advertising. Your daily traffic gives you leverage to monetize your blog through advertising.

The more traffic you get the more appeal your blog for direct advertisements or third party advertising program is.

Other Form of Online Venture

There are actually many venture you can do with your blog. You may have an email that offers a venture from someone. What you need to do is just make the deal.

You can made a paid review, product feature, and many more. When you talk about online venture, the sky is limit. Everything is possible based on your agreement with the other party.
Over to You

Wealthy blogging life style isn’t just belong to some particular people, it’s belong to those who willing to take a lot of work, discipline and persistence. If you are prepared before doing this, then wealthy blogging life style isn’t just a dream for you.

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