Top 4 Easiest Ways to Make Money Online

Easiest Ways to Make Money Online to Fund Your Blogging Hobby

Who doesn’t want to have cash in their hands easily?  I have said so many times that internet has created million of opportunities to make money online. That is why this post is going to show you proof of that statement.

As blogger I do realize that blogging seriously (more than just a hobby) can cost you money. You need to pay for domain annually and hosting (monthly). That is why if you are interesting to start internet lifestyle you have to deal with those routine expenses.

Many bloggers quit because they can’t afford the “routine expense”. As a model of business, quitting is highly possible to happen to every blog owners around the net. It is highly understandable though but guess what? Do you realize that the obstacle can be avoided if we know the right way? Yes, there is a way that you can keep blogging professionally without headache thinking about how to pay annual domain fee or web hosting bill. It is not because you change into free blogging platform but it is because you know the easiest ways to make money online.

Before I step into the ways to make money online, let me explain how I am going to deliver it. I am going to start from the hardest to the easiest. Here they are ……

4 Easiest Ways to Make Money Online#1 Make Money Blogging

Blogging is the hardest one because there are expenses you have to deal with if you want to earn serious money. Most bloggers that successfully manage their blog as source of income know exactly that many things need to be done correctly before they all reach that level.

Starting from deciding the topic, name, tagline, and how to market it. This is why make money blogging going into the hardest way to make money online. Blog marketing itself contains many things. I am not trying to discourage you to start blogging though I just want you to understand that if you want to make money blogging, you have to prepare everything properly or you will end up in the middle of your journey without any result in the end.

With a blog, you can earn decent money publishing third party ads, selling your own product or service, or offering affiliate products related to your blog topic.

Read more: How to build profitable blog

#2 Make Money Gigging

I bet you know fiverr already. The “gigs” is popular in the site. With just $5 people can buy many things starting from painting rice to designing website. Everyone got a chance to make money online to offer many things there.

Well Fiverr is not the only one, there are more similar sites, check it out:

Does it really works? I have tried fiverr though (but not yet the others). Here’s my latest notification from selling gigs in fiverr:

Fiverr Gig 1

The challenge in making more money selling gig is that we need to offer more gigs with various kind of services. If we are only depends on one gig, it will take long time to make a single sell.

#3 Make Money Changing URL

This is actually link shortener program. This mean you change long URL into short one and then spread it around the net to let people clicking on it.

If you like to know further please read making money online with url shortener.

Here’s my latest payment proof with this program:

Adfly Payment ProofIn my perception, there are two challenges in this method. First, your earning depends on users that “click” on the links you have spread. It is hard to get people click on such link. Second, the ads quality is not good enough that can make users dislike you or your blog (even some of these services being blocked by Facebook). Be smart to using this method.

#4 Make Money Clicking

This is the easiest way to make money online. If you can click then you can make money online, as simple as that. Your main job is only clicking. You will get paid for every click you made.

The only problem is you need long time to cashout your money. By average, it will take around 100 days to cahsout $1 to $5 (with assumption you do this on daily basis). Here are some clicking programs that offer low minimum payout ($1 to $5):

Clicking program 1

Clicking program 2

Clicking program 3

Clicking program 4

Clicking program 5

Clicking program 6

Clicking program 7

Clicking program 8

Clicking program 9 (this one has $8 minimum payout)

Here’s my latest payment proof (program 9):

Riwayat pembayaran clixsense sampai Juni 2016

Top 4 Easiest Ways to Make Money Online That I Have Tried Myself

May be it sounds silly but I have tried all these methods and they all really works.

If you have problem with funding your professional blog, you can try these easy ways.

Here’s some illustration:

My domain cost me $28 per year while web hosting $134 for 4 years.

Doing above ways (Gigging, changing url, and clicking) you can earn $100 per year* ($50 clicking, $10 changing url, $40 gigging) easily. So you will not have any problem with paying domain name and web hosting expenses anymore as blogger thus you can focus more on building your blog.

*How much you can earn is estimation based on my experience.

So …. if you have problem to find extra cash to fund your blogging expense, try this tip and see how it can help you out. Cheers!


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