Top 4 Cheap Traffic Generation Techniques that Really Works in 2015

It is long known that traffic is the life-blood of a website. If you are an online marketing beginner and look forward for a way to market the offer fast may be you should start to consider the best cheap traffic generation techniques for online marketing campaign. There are many marketing experts enjoy the benefits of these techniques.

If you are willing to pay for website traffic you can afford it in reasonable price. This dilemma is highly understandable because to make money online you need to generate traffic and then convert those traffic into your sales funnel.

Most online marketers will do this by sending prospect into their sales page or opt-in page to grab the contact (in purpose to build sales funnel for long term marketing channel). The major element to success in paying cheap traffic for business is actually your keywords. Once you can get your keywords perfectly you can elevate the conversion of your traffic in significant way.

A perfect combination of what people are looking for and what you are selling, the potential traffic you gain will be more targeted and more likely to convert into sales.

Testing traffic is a good way to start to find out what’s really converting. At this stage you are need to do marketing research. Business guru will advise you to do this even before you obtain an offer in place.

If no one visits your website, you will have no chance at all to make an online income. This doesn’t mean that paying traffic will cost you an arm and a leg.

There is actually many ways to get cheap traffic generation technique for a website. In some cases, you don’t event spend a single dime to get the traffic you want as long as you have proper mindset, eagerness and perseverance to do hard work.

Here I share you the top cheap traffic generation techniques that could assist you make money online. These techniques will work best especially if you elaborate your keywords, test it, and track the technique against conversions to improve your marketing funnel. Ready?

Buy Writing Gigs on Fiverr

I am not suggesting you do massive link submissions instead focus your marketing campaign by providing informative content. It is hard to create such content, I know it. That’s why fiverr might help you out for this reason.

For a price of $5 you can get good articles that can be published for your business website. Most sellers in fiverr are highly experienced and you can adjust the articles you requested. Make sure you check the information provided by the sellers thoroughly. Since “quality” is above everything due to Google algorithm thus you are not to worry about the quantity, don’t be afraid to update your website rarely as long as the content SEO optimized.

Banner Exchange

Banner is more attractive than text link. In this technique, you can offer banner exchange in any size you desire with another website. These techniques beneficial since the visitors will look as if you are having sponsors or you are become a sponsor.

The other benefit of this technique is that you can perform it for free because the nature of “exchange” thus you don’t need to pay for a reciprocal banner right?

Cheap Advertising Link Service

This can be another one best solution for online marketers on a budget. Some providers can give you high quality links in a highly affordable price.

How affordable the price is?

Check yourselves

Cheap Links A

Here’s my personal campaign from using this service

notordinaryblogger campaign

I have tested this service for the last 4 months on one of my websites. By checking the stats I can assume this technique helps a lot in making the link popularity better that result in high numbers of organic traffic. See below:

Quality Link Services Test Result

Interested? Check this service.

Trusted PTC Sites

PTC or paid-to-click sites are not only good for earning extra income for your online marketing campaign it also source of cheap targeted traffic.

If you read my old post on how I make 28 affiliate sales you will know that I use the help of PTC sites as one of my tactics.

Why it is good for earning extra income for your online marketing campaign? A proper methods implement with trusted PTC you can earn easily extra $8 to $15 a month.

Check out my last payments from 1 PTC site below:

PTC Income 1 notordinaryblogger

Why I said it is source of cheap targeted traffic?

PTC advertising price

As you can see with as low as $8 you can generate 5000 high quality traffic from trusted PTC site.

The PTC site I mentioned above has $8 minimum payout request. Thus, at the time I post this post, my balance already reach the minimum payout

Should You Do Cheap Traffic Generation Techniques?

At the end the decision is all yours. If time is your biggest enemy, buy cheap traffic generations service could be the answer.

What I do? At the moment, with 1 PTC income let say around $13, I can spend it for $5 (buy 1 high quality SEO optimized content through fiverr) and another $8 (cheap traffic and highly targeted one from trusted PTC site). So basically, I spent nothing for traffic generation techniques right?

Well, it is just an illustration how you can use various ways of cheap traffic generation techniques that are available. I hope you have better understanding on looking toward cheap traffic generation techniques after reading this post. Happy online marketing!


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