Take Advantages being Imperfect

take advantages being imperfectI do believe some of you will wonder what does the title mean? Moreover it goes under “product development” category. But, that’s what exactly the post try to deliver, how you can take advantages being imperfect. Create incomplete products and take the most you can from it.

It also little bit odd to hear, against the general believe that you should create perfect product to gain the best profits you can. But, this approach can somehow be a big burden for you as the creator.

There are actually another way around in having quality profits by producing imperfect products.

Just imagine if you can save time creating a products but great respond from the market in return. Rather than wasting hours working on every little detail of your products, marketing efforts, just make it imperfect. Quit worrying for being perfect for a while.

Once you create incomplete products, doing improvements makes sense only up to a certain stage. After that stage, each development takes more of your time and returns less value.

The biggest questions will be “How imperfection bring you advantages?”)

How can imperfect products give you advantages?

Introduce it’s Beta Version

I have seen some products that launch in beta version, even some of those established one were at beta version at the beginning. A product in beta version is a real sample of being imperfect yet very beneficial. This let you to announce something at imperfect condition and in fact it instigate costumers to leave beneficial feedback to your product.

Give More Value to Purchase it Now

This is perfect for digital product. It’s easy to launch the first version fast, guaranteed that you will dispatch your costumers a free upgrade to the full version when it’s ready. This methods makes your initial buyers to purchase the product at no time, without hurting them.

Select Your Market Smartly

If you are worry about the quality of your initial product, and maybe you are worried that it might hurt your credibility, do not announce it widely. Instead, choose a trusted costumers, a loyal one and offer them first. They may respect you for choosing them first and more likely you will get valuable feedback on your initial products.

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Now, are you ready to take advantages being imperfect? Feel free to deliver your opinion through comment box below


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